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Party Planning - Balloon Decorating Tips - Balloon Clusters & Crepe Paper Rosettes

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Easy Crepe & Balloon Decorations

Curling Ribbon Clusters

Add Crepe & Curling Ribbon to Balloon Clusters

Crepe Paper Rosettes

Balloon Clusters

Fig. 1

Balloon Clusters


3 balloons for each cluster

1. Blow up two balloons and tie together.
2. Blow up a third balloon and tie to the first pair. Fig. 1

Now you have a cluster of three that can be used in many different ways. Hang them from your chandelier, on the swags of your table cloth, from your drapes, or just space them on the walls around your room.

Add to the cluster with Crepe and Curling Ribbon.


Curling Ribbon Clusters

3 Eggs of Curling Ribbon in 3 different colors


1. Place the ends of the three different colors of curling ribbon together.
2. Measure 1 1/2 yards.
3. Cut and tie strands in the middle.
4. Curl ribbon with scissors.
5. Slide strands down through a Balloon Cluster so that they hang out from the middle of cluster.




Curling Ribbon Clusters



Crepe & Curling Ribbon to Balloon Clusters

Several Balloon Clusters
3 Rolls of Crepe Paper


1. Place the ends of all crepe rolls together. Slip about 20'' of crepe down between Balloon Cluster. (Do not cut)

2. Hang cluster from a chandelier, or pin to curtain, etc.

3. If you want to drape crepe from one cluster to another, follow Balloon Clusters instructions to make as many clusters as you need and hang them around the room.

4. Holding the crepe rolls in your hand begin twisting crepe as you walk toward the second cluster. Bring crepe up to the cluster, measure another 20'' and cut.

5. Slip tail down between balloons. If you want a single cluster, cut the second half of crepe (measuring from cluster) 20'' long and slide down through balloons.

6. Add Curling Ribbon Clusters




Balloon Cluster with Crepe & Curling Ribbon


Crepe Rosette Fig. 1

Fig. 1


Crepe Rosette Fig. 2


Crepe Rosette Fig. 3

Fig. 3


Crepe Paper Rosettes


3 Rolls of Crepe Paper
Small Amount of Matching Curling Ribbon


Use all three rolls of crepe. Cut ends
on a slant, and place together, one on top of the other.

Measure 22" and hold mark with your fingers. Measure another 4" and fold crepe back onto itself.

Keep crepe flat and line up the edges of the 4" length evenly with the edges of the 22" length. Fig. 1

Fold crepe back on itself again.

Continue to fold 4" lengths back and forth until you have six layers of 4" loops. Fig. 1

Cut ends the same length as the first three tails of crepe. Tie a piece of curling ribbon tightly around all layers of crepe 3 1/4" from top of loops, catching the bottoms of all 4" lengths. Fig. 2

Separate loops by placing your forefinger inside at the top of each loop, use your thumb and second finger to pinch loop at the bottom and give it a 1/4 twist. Twisting will keep each loop from sliding back into the one next to it.

Continue separating each group of loops, alternating the colors. Fig. 3

Insert two or three fingers inside each loop and spread apart all the way down to the base to fluff and smooth each loop. Fig. 3

Pin rosettes to the corner of your table cloth, on your curtains or place in the middle of a balloon cluster. Drape one or two of the tails around balloons and let the rest hang below rosette.




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