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Party Planning - Balloon Decorating Tips - Balloon Columns

Party Resource Guide
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How to make a Balloon Column
Easy to do and the kid's love them.

  • Air-filled foil balloons can be mounted on air filled latex balloon columns to conserve on the use of helium.

  • For an elegant look, reduce the number of helium filled balloons needed to construct a balloon arch, instead of using all helium filled balloons in the arch, use two 4' or 5' air-filled balloon columns as supports for just a few helium filled balloons at the top of the balloon arch. 
  • To dress up columns &  arches  even more, wrap gossamer or tulle around the columns and puddle it on the floor beside the columns. Coordinate your balloons, gossamer or tulle in matching or complimentary colors. 
  • A balloon arch or column makes a lovely photo setting.
  • Plastic Balloon Inflator

Air-Filled Balloon Column Instructions

Sizing Balloons
It is important that all the balloons are blown up to the same size. An easy way to size the balloons is to make a template. Cut a round hole in a piece of poster foam board or a box the size you want the balloons to be, and when inflating pass the balloon through the hole.
Air-fill two balloons and tie the necks of them together, sealing the balloons and attaching them together at the same time.

Do this again to make a second pair of balloons, and then simply cross the two pairs in the middle and twist them together to make a cluster of four.


Air-filled Balloon columns have to be weighted down or placed on poles to support the balloons.

If you are making a short air-filled balloon column of 4-6 balloon clusters you can make a weight for the column by filling a small plastic ziplock bag  with sand, pebbles, rice or beans. Then tie the bag to the center of the first four balloon cluster with nylon fishing line. Then place the cluster on the floor with the weight on the bottom. 

To connect the clusters use a roll of nylon fishing line ( do not cut the fishing line). Tie the loose end to the center of the balloon cluster that you have tied the weight to.

Place a second cluster of balloons on top of the first, giving it a 1/3 turn so that it fits snuggly onto the the first cluster. Bring the fishing line up through the center of the cluster, wrap line around one of the balloons in the first cluster. Ending with the fishing line up through the center of the clusters.

Continue until all the clusters are joined together. You can top your column with a Themed Mylar Balloon filled with regular air or with another latex balloon. Simply tie to the center of the last cluster.


If you have a support pole, attach the clusters as you make them by making a space between two side-by-side balloons and setting the cluster in place and twisting the two balloons to secure. Attach each cluster in the same way, nesting the clusters close together and rotating to form spiral pattern






















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Sheer Elegance Balloon Post Each

Sheer Elegance Balloon Post Each

Lighted Dice Column Each

Lighted Dice Column Each

Patriotic Star Topped Columns Set/2

Patriotic Star Topped Columns Set/2

Twilight Balloon Column Each

Twilight Balloon Column Each

Wonderland Column Each

Wonderland Column Each

Elegant Balloon Column Each

Elegant Balloon Column Each

Times Balloon Columns Pair

Times Balloon Columns Pair




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