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Party Planning - Balloon Decorating Tips -Balloon Fish

Party Resource Guide
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How to make Balloon Fish

Fabulous floating Balloon Fish are great for adding impact to bouquets or for hanging as decor in your party room. Display them and watch them “swim” around!

These fish are relatively easy to make, even for a novice. Plan to practice a few times until you get the hang of it. It will take you about 5 - 15 minutes to make each fish depending on your skill.


Helium: About 1.5 cu. ft. per fish.

1 - 16" Latex Spray Decorated Balloon (body of fish)

2 - 5" white balloons (use for eyeballs)

Black Permanent marker to draw pupils on the eyeballs.

2 - 260Q Latex Balloons for lips and tail of fish (these are the long balloons used by balloon twisters)

Plastic Balloon Inflator or Cool Air Balloon Inflator
Curling Ribbon
Balloon Templates 16" & 5" Sizes (see fig.1)
Cool Glue Gun
Balloon Weight

Helium will only float the balloons for about 10 to 12 hours. Add a squirt of Hi Float Liquid before filling balloons with helium to make them stay inflated 3 to 5 times longer.


Create a balloon bouquet of 2 Balloon Fish and 5 - 16" solid-color latex balloons. Make your bouquet stand out by using spray decorated balloons, and clear balloons filled with confetti.

If you are going to just hang the fish down from the ceiling, you will not need to use helium or balloon weights.

For the body, use 16" Spray Decorated balloons in Assorted Sprays designs to add texture, interest, and fun.

Balloon Fish capture attention by themselves or grouped with other latex and foil balloons.

Maximize float time, by treating the 16" latex with Hi Float Liquid balloon flight extender.

For the body, use 16" Spray Decorated balloons in Assorted Sprays designs to add texture, interest, and fun.






Sizing Balloons
It is important that all the balloons are blown up to the same size. An easy way to size the balloons is to make a template. Cut a round hole in a piece of poster foam board or a box the size you want the balloons to be, and when inflating pass the balloon through the hole.



1. Air inflate one of the 260Q balloons, leaving about 2" uninflated, and tie.

2. Repeat with the second 260Q, and tie to the knot of the first 260Q.

3. To make the “mouth” of the Fish, lay the 260Qs side-by-side on a work surface. Starting at the knot where the 260Qs are connected, measure about 5" back. At the 5" mark, twist the balloons together. Push the knot of the two 260Qs into the twist and twist again to form “lips.”

4. Helium inflate the 16" balloon and tie. Pull the knot of the 16" balloon through the two 260Q lips. Attach curling ribbon around the bottom 260Q and tie to a balloon weight.

5. To make the “eyes,” air inflate the two 5" white balloons to about 4" and tie the necks together. NOTE: To make the pupils, draw on with permanent marker after fish is completed.

6. Wrap the 260Qs around the 16" balloon. Tuck in the eyes as you wrap the 260Qs. Secure the 260Qs by tacking with a small amount of cool glue to the top and bottom of the 16"balloon.

7. To make the “tail fins” and secure the 260Qs to the 16" balloon, twist the 260Qs together several times at the “back” of the Fish as close to the 16" as possible.

Balloon Inflators


Cool Air Balloon Inflator Each

Plastic Balloon Inflator Each

Cool Air Balloon Inflator Each

Plastic Balloon Inflator Each


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Seawood Tropical Fish Double Bubble Blln Each

Seawood Tropical Fish Double Bubble Balloon Each

Prismatic Fish Mylar Balloon Each

Prismatic Fish Mylar Balloon Each

Inflatable Tropical Fish

Inflatable Tropical Fish

School Of Fish Standee Each

School Of Fish Standee Each




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