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Princess Party Supplies-Fairytale Party Supplies-Enchanted Castle Cake

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Dreamy Princess Banners Each

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As a variation make two of the cake shown to the left and place them back to back as shown on the right. This will make a larger cake if you have more guests. I also added turrets to the center sections as well in this version. So this cake had 8 turrets.

Enchanted Castle Cake
Cake Princess Castle
  • 1 package yellow cake mix 

  • 2 packages fluffy white frosting mix 

  • 2 pointed ice cream cones 

  • 1 package pink pillow mints 

  • 2 milk chocolate candy bars (7/8 ounce each) 

  • Toothpicks 

  • Pink and Red construction paper for flags 

  • Blue foil paper to cover tray (water for moat) 

  • Coconut tinted green (grass) 

  • Pink decorators sugar

If you need a larger cake than shown, try doubling the layers on the cake or make two cakes and set them back to back. I have used both of these methods. When you set the cakes back to back you then have 4 turrets instead of two.

TIP: Do Not Use Fluffy White Frosting on a hot day, because your windows and everything else will slide out of place as the frosting melts. I would suggest using Wilton Decorating Frosting. You can purchase online at: or at your local Hobby & Craft Stores that sell cake decorating supplies.

Castle Bridal Shower Cake

Castle Cake Made for Bridal Shower by Sheila in NY

This is the castle Cake I baked for my daughter's Bridal Shower. We used 2-13x9 cakes and lots of homemade frosting. Pink marshmallows for decorating and chocolate for the windows and the bridge. Blue tinted sugar to go around the castle as the water. One of her Bridesmaids helped me of course, it was definitely a 2 persons job, but we had lots of fun making it and it was delicious.


1. Cover a large flat tray or piece of cardboard with aluminum foil for serving tray. *

2. Bake cake batter in oblong pan 13x9-1/2X2 inches, as directed on 1 package of cake mix.

3. Cool in pan 10 minutes; remove from pan. Cool thoroughly.

4. Cut cake in the following manner (see diagram 1): First cut cake in half crosswise into 2 rectangles, 8x6 inches. Cut one half into 3 equal pieces, each about 6x2-1/2 inches. Cut the center piece in half to make 2 small squares (D in diagram 1). With a sharp knife, trim these squares to make the cut edges rounded. These pieces are for the towers.

Princess Castle Cake Diagram #1

5. Prepare frosting as directed on 1 package of fluffy white frosting mix.

6. Place large cake rectangle (A in diagram) on foil-covered tray with longer side to the front. Frost top. Place pieces B and C on top as shown in diagram 2. Spread a thin coating of frosting on all cut sides. Frost cake completely, making edges as square as possible.

7. Prepare another package of fluffy white frosting mix. (Use as needed)

Princess Castle Cake Diagram #2

8. Place D pieces at the front corners of the cake so that they extend beyond the front edge (see diagram 2). Frost.

9. Frost 2 pointed ice cream cones (place cones over fingers to frost). Sprinkle cones with pink decorators sugar. Place on top of D pieces.
10. Arrange pink pillow mints along top edges of castle and towers.

11. Break 2 milk chocolate bars (7/8 oz each) into sections. Trim and place on front and back of castle for windows. (For round windows, trim chocolate squares with sharp knife.) Use chocolate sections for center door and drawbridge.

12. Cut flags from construction paper; fasten with frosting onto toothpicks. Insert in cake and in tips of cones.

* Note: If you like, cover tray or board with blue foil, leave a border of this foil showing around castle for the water in moat. Cover remaining foil with green-tinted coconut grass as shown in picture.


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Enchanted Castle Pan Each

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