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Events - Anniversary Party Supplies,25th Anniversary Decorations,50th Anniversary Decorations

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Memorable occasions can be celebrated with 2 to 400+ guests. Whether celebrating one year or fifty years, make sure your Anniversary Parties are special.

Anniversary Party Supplies

Personalized Gold Anniversary Photo Banner 48

Personalized Gold Anniversary Photo Banners Each

Personalized Silver Anniversary Photo Banner 30

Personalized Silver Anniversary Photo Banners Each

Choose from tableware, decorations and favors to enhance your special day. Happy Anniversary!

25th Anniversary Mylar Balloon Each 50th Anniversary Mylar Balloon Each Parti-Mints 25th Anniver Pkg/50
25th Anniversary Mylar Balloon Each 50th Anniversary Mylar Balloon Each Parti-Mints 25th Anniver Pkg/50
Parti-Mints 50th Anniver Pkg/50 50 Gold Confetti Each Create-A Anniversary Wine Bottle Label Create-A-Wine Bottle Label Each
Parti-Mints 50th Anniver Pkg/50 50 Gold Confetti Each Create-A Anniversary Wine Bottle Label Each
50th Anniversary 9' Banner 25th Anniversary Centerpiece 50th Anniversary Centerpiece
50th Anniversary 9' Banner 25th Anniversary Centerpiece 50th Anniversary Centerpiece
Silver Anniversary 7 Silver Anniversary Beverage Napkins Silver Anniversary Lunch Napkins
Silver Anniversary 7" Plates Silver Anniversary Beverage Napkins Silver Anniversary Lunch Napkins
Silver Anniversary Paper Tablecover 50th Anniversary Banner 25th Anniversary Silver  Banner
Silver Anniversary Paper Tablecover 50th Anniversary Banner 25th Anniversary Silver Banner
25th Anniversary  String Decorations 50th Anniversary String Decorations
25th Anniversary String Decorations 50th Anniversary String Decorations

Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating an anniversary is a fun and exciting time! Whether it is the first anniversary or the 50th anniversary, this day is a very special event. Start your planning by selecting a theme. A themed anniversary party provides the opportunity to let your couples personalities and interests shine through. 

The key to pulling off a coordinated anniversary reception: Evoke your theme throughout the affair, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your reception location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can! 

Themes can be the number of years (for a 50th Anniversary the theme would be 50th with traditional gold colors) or the theme can be more specific like a Western theme, Fifties theme or something similar. If the couple has special interests, the theme can be focused on these interests. For example, if the couple got married in Las Vegas, you might have a Casino theme, or if the couple loves to spend vacations at the beach, have a Beach theme. Use your imagination!  Once the theme is selected, the invitations, decorations, food, and other details are much easier to plan.

Anniversary Invitations

If you prefer to use your own handmade invitations, a simple idea is to gather an old wedding picture of the guests of honor and scan the picture into your computer. Print off the invitations in black and white with the picture on the front. Lightly add some color to the photo with colored pencils for an elegant yet simple look. Print out the details of the party on the inside of the invitation. 

Anniversary Decorations

When decorating for a wedding anniversary party, choose a color scheme that works well for your setting. The list below shows the traditional anniversary gifts associated with each year of marriage. The Anniversary Gift Guide (right) can help you choose your color scheme based on these gifts, but other combinations can work just as well.

Outdoor Decorations:

Place a personalized anniversary banner on the door or make a banner with a big number 50 (or whatever the year of celebration is). 

The wedding day isn't the only time to decorate a car. Why not decorate the car of the anniversary couple. Add Streamers and Balloons to jazz it up.

Create a special walkway leading up to the door with luminaries with glowing candles inside. Luminaries create a stunning entrance to a grand event!

Indoor Decorations

Around the party site have mementos from the year they got married. Old bikes, toys, and clothing are just some ideas to get you started. If you can find a car manufactured that year, that is an excellent focal point either inside or parked outside the building. 

Being surrounded by flickering candles is a sure "fire" way to boost the mood. A room in any condition will look great illuminated by the glow of candles. Use a themed decorative candle to match your chosen theme. Use a combination of different sized pillar, taper and votive candles down the center of the table or accent with votive candles at each place setting.

Looking for a fun and easy way to transform your reception site? Try using gossamer! It's an extremely light, non-woven "fabric" that can be used to create wonderful ceilings and walls, to wrap with, and to create gorgeous bows. Gossamer drapes and swags beautifully, and is a decorating must-have for creating a number of different stunning looks. Gossamer is available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and metallic's, and in widths and lengths to suit any decorating need! Shindigz carries a Book that gives you step by step directions on how to achieve the look you want using Gossamer.

 Gossamer by  
How to Decorate with Gossamer Book

Twinkle lights look lovely when strands are placed down the center of a tabletop, or twined around centerpieces and glassware. While white cord blends well with most color schemes, if you want to stick with your color theme, try spray-painting the cord to match your theme color. Tape dangling light cords to the underside of the table or to the floor.

Twinkle Lights!

Colored Twinkle Lights


Never underestimate the power of decorating with Balloons. Decorating with balloons, is an inexpensive but powerful way to transform your party area into a festive space in minutes. Balloon arches are ideal for photo backdrops, entryways, and to hi-light different areas around your party room and are easy to make. Visit our Balloon decorating pages for instructions on how to make balloon clusters, balloon garlands, balloon arches, balloon columns, and balloon flowers.

Table Decorations

At some point during the planning stages of your event the subject of linens will arise. When it does stop and think of all the possibilities available to you before you go with standard issue white polyester tablecloths. Remember the tops of the tables provide you with a very large surface area and covering them with a beautiful tablecloth is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate.

Choose anniversary paper goods, plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers, table skirting, centerpieces and more to enhance your special day.

A simple, yet appropriate centerpiece for any anniversary celebration consists of fresh or silk flowers surrounding large numbers representing the year the couple is celebrating. If the anniversary is the 50th, cut out large numbers on Metallic Gold Corrugated Paper. 

Fill crystal Bowls or vases with brightly colored glass ornaments (silver for 25th, gold for 50th) and place them on the table in a bed of Metallic Shred. 

Personalize your table decorations to your guests of honor. For example, one table could display the bride's cheerleading poms from when they met and another table could show the groom's baseball glove from his college years. 

To create a vibrant and colorful look. Place different sizes of glasses down the center of the tabletop. Fill glasses to the top with colorful sports drinks (food coloring stains glass). Add colored glass plates. Use large glass marbles as the finishing touch on top of napkins tied simply in ribbon.

Light up your tables with glowing ice cubes, mugs, pilsners, Martini Glasses, Margarita Glasses and other drinking glasses.

Take plain glass cylinders & line them with paper, cover the outside of the glass cylinders with stickers (dots, geometric shapes & etc.). Add an oasis cage to the top of the cylinder (a size that fits down into the top of the cylinder) to create a funky vase for masses of carnations. Just cover the oasis cage with carnations. Tie feathers together with wire, top each arrangement with the feathers for a whimsical touch.

Cover a terra-cotta pot by overlapping artichoke leaves (use a hot glue gun to secure each piece), add flowering herbs to each pot for a gorgeous centerpiece. Tuck sprigs of herbs into a folded napkin for subtle scent and use whole artichokes as place card holders.

To create a garden-themed tabletop, use several sheets of wheatgrass (available at health food stores) as a runner down the center of a banquet table. Pin wide ribbon around the base. Tuck a single flower (daisy, sunflowers) inside a water tube, stick water tubes down into the wheatgrass.

For the buffet table, nothing displays more elegance than an ice sculpture. Have a giant 25 carved out of ice if the couple is celebrating 25 years together. An ice sculpture in the shape of a vase can be beautiful when filled with flowers similar to the bride's bouquet from years ago. 

Bring color to the table via cloth napkins. Give each person two napkins slipped into one napkin ring. Use two different colors, two coordinating patterns or one patterned and one solid-colored napkin. A colorful setting can be achieved with little effort this way.

Order Personalized Napkins and have them imprinted with with event date, name (s) and a design of your choice. The napkins will serve several purposes – great decorating in disguise and a treasured memento for a scrapbook. 

Add personalized items such as a Mugs, Flutes, CD Cases, Frames, Albums & Custom Bubbles, to each place setting to let the guests of honor know just how special they are. These items will stir fond memories for many years to come.

Create fun and unusual placemats from old photos. Visit a local print shop that can enlarge color photos or black and white photos. Enlarge them on the copier and have them laminated. Place a different picture at each guest's place for a lifelong collage! Another idea is to use old love letters, newspaper articles, and have them laminated. Whatever you use, these placemats will make a great conversation piece! 

Confetti is a great extra touch to add to any table. Scatter it down the center of the table to tie in the number of years, colors, or theme. If you plan ahead, insert a few pieces of confetti in the invitations and then sprinkle the same confetti on the table to connect the two. 

Add elegance to your affair by creating Place cards for your tables. If the group is small and well connected, make copies of old photos of each guest with the honored guests. Adhere them to a heavy cardboard "tent". Let each guest find their seat by locating the old photo of themselves.


Wedding Anniversary Party Favors 

Send your guests home with something that will make them remember this special celebration for years to come. 

Here are a few party favors to consider!

Custom Imprinted Glassware like: flutes, goblets, mugs, and snifters in a multitude of sizes, shapes, style and colors. Guests can drink water, soft drinks, etc. from a special glass, then take the glass home and fondly recall the party every time they see the glass. 

Parfaits, dessert dishes, and candy dishes. All will add a lovely, elegant touch to your tables. Tie a small piece of Curling Ribbon, Gossamer Streamer, or even a party horn to each stem (attached with Metallic Garland) for a festive look. The glassware can also hold a gathered cloth or paper Napkin to create a tall dramatic look at each place setting, or on a buffet table. Glassware filled with candy, mints, or chocolate treats or with metallic shred to match your theme colors also creates a terrific table accent. 

Give guests photo frames imprinted with special party details. Frames are available in a wide array of sizes, colors and styles. If your budget is limited, try an imprinted Acrylic Frame. When the party is over, the frame can be filled with a photograph. Either use a Polaroid™ camera to send a picture home with each of your guests, or mail souvenir photos at a later date with thank you notes for gifts. Make sure that you have plenty of film on hand, so that you can take lots of pictures of the couple with each family/couple/ or individual in attendance. 

Let each guest feel the same warm feeling they experienced as a child looking with wonder at a newly shaken snow dome. Snow domes can be imprinted with a special message in a color to match your chosen color theme, and some can hold a souvenir photo of your guest. Using the same concept as outlined for frames above, the Snow domes make wonderful place cards or an ideal holder for a special poem or drawing. 

Favor Boxes also provide an economical table accent. They can be filled with candy, mints, nuts or toy trinkets for each guest. If you are filling the boxes with candy, select candy in a color that complements the colors you will be using for your other decorations. To save money on the volume of "treats" you will need to fill each box, start by filling each box with some Metallic Shred or a little Gossamer "puddle" in a coordinating color.   

Wedding Anniversary Party Activities

The Wedding Story. There is nothing more nostalgic than creating a tradition of retelling the wedding story. Have the guests of honor include as many details as possible. Story telling is a traditional way to pass on information from one to another and it keeps the memory alive. If there are several generations, have each tell the story from their own viewpoint. What important details and funny things did Grandpa see at the wedding? Ask the same questions to the siblings of the bride and groom because each personal will have a different, yet colorful perspective.

Here are some other activities for the celebration:

Photo Backdrops. A nice touch for any celebration would be to set up a photo backdrop area - either with Columns, a Balloon Arch or a metallic curtain - so that the couple can have their picture taken with either individuals or groupings of their choice. 

Create a video presentation that spans the life of the bride and groom. There are many services out there these days that can take all of your old photos and put them into video form with background music of your choice. Be sure to include holidays, vacations, births, and other special events for a complete tribute to their lives together. 

Dance through the years. Not everyone likes to dance, but most like to laugh and remember. Select different types of music from different years. Have each couple pull a style of dance or music from a hat and have them perform the dance. The other couples have to determine which dance they are attempting! 

Warm Memories. Place disposable cameras on tables and encourage guests to use them. You'll have plenty of warm memories captured to pass along to your appreciative friends. 

Guess the Year. Visit the library and get copies of newspapers (front pages) from the wedding day, 5 years later, 10 years later, etc. Type a list of events from the front page of each and have the guests determine what year it was. Select some newspapers with dates far apart and some close together to make it harder. 

Guess the price game. Have guests work as individuals or teams to guess the prices of key products dating back to the date of the event. What did people pay for a gallon of milk 50 years ago? What was the price of a new Ford truck? The team or individual with the closest guesses wins - but everyone will have fun reliving the past! 

Create a Christmas Tree Keepsake. No matter what time of year you are celebrating an anniversary for a special couple, this keepsake can be presented at the party for a new seasonal tradition to begin. First, purchase an artificial Christmas tree of any size. Gather old and present photos of family members, special events, homes, etc. Create small ornaments by mounting these photos (or copies of photos) onto Flat or Corrugated Paper cut into stars, ovals, or any other shapes. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each ornament and tie ribbon through it for hanging. Have special guests present the ornaments to the couple that night by hanging them on the tree and saying a brief word about the photos. Each Christmas season after that, the couple will be proud to display their meaningful tree in their home 

Wedding Anniversary Food & Cake Ideas

Your food options for an anniversary party are limitless! You can go very formal and have a sit-down dinner, or you can serve party foods via a buffet line. You may also decide to go with a theme and serve food that compliments your theme. For example, BBQ chicken for a Western theme or Teriyaki Chicken for a Luau. 

Here are some suggestions for types of food to serve if you are having a light, finger food buffet line: 

Stuffed Mushrooms 
Crab Dip with Crackers 
Salsa and Chips 
Fruit Salad 
Pasta Salad 
Chicken Skewers with Dipping Sauces 
Pigs in Blankets 
Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl 
Shrimp Cocktail 
Mini Pizzas 
Cheese and Crackers 

For dessert, you may want to consider replicating the couple's original wedding cake.

Faux display cakes are a cost-effective alternative to the traditional wedding cake, whether purchasing or renting from a local vendor. They are perfect for an outdoor events, as heat, humidity and small flying insects are no problem. Your guests can then be served from economically priced sheet cakes. One tier of the faux cake can be replicated by your local bakery for use in the cake cutting ceremony.

It has been a common trend lately to forgo the large cake and serve small individual wedding cakes or petit fours. If your reception is taking place in the afternoon, a full fledged dessert buffet line is quite exciting and will leave your guests talking "sweetly" about your anniversary party.


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Silver Luminescent Circle Arch Set

Silver Luminescent Circle Arch Set

Gold Luminescent Circle Arch Each

Gold Luminescent Circle Arch Each

Sophisticated Stretch Arch Silver Each

Sophisticated Stretch Arch Silver Each


Anniversary Gift Guide

First -  Traditional: Paper;   Modern: Clocks

Second- Traditional: Cotton;  Modern: China 

Third- Traditional: Leather; Modern: Crystal / Glass

Fourth- Traditional: Flowers / Silk / Linen; Modern: Appliances

Fifth- Traditional: Wood; Modern: Silverware 

Sixth- Traditional: Candy / Iron; Modern: Wood

Seventh-  Traditional: Wool / Copper/ Bronze; Modern: Desk Sets

Eighth- Traditional: Bronze / Pottery; Modern: Linens / Lace

Ninth- Traditional: Pottery / China/ Crystal; Modern: Leather

Tenth-  Traditional: Tin / Aluminum; Modern: Diamond

Eleventh-  Traditional: Steel; Modern: Jewelry

Twelfth- Traditional: Silk / Nylon / Linen; Modern: Pearls

Thirteenth- Traditional: Lace; Modern: Textiles / Furs

Fourteenth-  Traditional: Agate / Ivory; Modern: Gold Jewelry

Fifteenth-  Traditional: Glass / Crystal; Modern: Watches

Twentieth- Traditional: China; Modern: Platinum

Twenty-Fifth-  Traditional: Silver; Modern: Silver

Thirtieth- Traditional: Pearl / Personal Items; Modern: Diamond

Thirty-Fifth- Traditional: Coral; Modern: Jade

Fortieth- Traditional: Ruby / Garnet; Modern: Ruby / Garnet

Forty-Fifth- Traditional: Sapphire; Modern: Sapphire

Fiftieth- Traditional: Gold; Modern: Gold

Fifty-Fifth- Traditional: Emerald; Modern: Emerald / Turquoise

Sixtieth- Traditional: Diamond; Modern: Gold 

Seventieth- Traditional: Diamond;  Modern: Gold 




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