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Events - Birthday - Theme Party Ideas - Adult Party Supplies, Adult Party Decorations

Party Resource Guide
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Adult Party Ideas

Developing a theme tends to improve your overall event for you and your guest. A theme will help focus attention on a main topic and provides a unifying factor which will pull the whole event together. The use of a theme will keep your affair from looking disjointed or like it was planned haphazardly. Incorporate your theme into all areas of the event - the location, invitations, decorations, favors, food, party activities, entertainment to reinforce the overall effect.

Adult Party Ideas

Use one of these as your theme and build from there.

  • Plan the birthday party around the guest of honor's hobbies/interests.

  • Salute the Decade in which your the guest of honor was born.

  • Transport the birthday guy or gal to a Fantasy Birthday Location.

  • If a trip down memory lane would appeal to your guest of honor, choose a theme with a nostalgic mood.

  • Of coarse there is always the Over the Hill Theme.

  • After selecting a Birthday theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in your invitations and to tie in decorations , favors, party activities, and food ideas for your bash.


“You’re not getting older…You’re getting better”
“Aged to Perfection!”
“40 Years Ago…A Star was Born!”
"You're the Star"
“Better than Ever”
Nostalgia Night
Blast from the Past
"Hats off to You..25 Great Years
“Life Begins at 30”
“Everything’s Coming Up Roses at 50”
"Set the Night to Music, In 30 Yrs You Haven't Missed A Beat"
Oh No...the Big 30

Decorating Tips:

Remember the tops of the tables provide you with a very large surface area and covering them with a beautiful tablecloth is the easiest way to change the feel of a room.. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate. Ten tables covered with a theme or specialty linen print for example will make a statement that no white tablecloth can make. For a casual event use themed tableware and solid color tableware for a designer look.

Accent your tables:

Place flowers in unique containers (Baskets, Shells, Glass vases, Watering cans, Beach pails, Galvanized Buckets, Pedestals, Planters, Pottery, Urns & etc) to create beautiful centerpieces. Add real fruits and vegetables to centerpieces for unusual accents. Use candles for mood lighting and to accent a table. Use small items like beads, sunglasses, shells, sea glass, river rocks, and a host of other items to accent a napkin. Below are a few ideas.

Cover a table top with glass vases in different sizes and shapes, fill vases to the top with colored sports drinks (don't use water colored with food coloring as this can stain glassware).

Use wheat grass (available at health food stores) as a runner down the center of a table, tuck one are two flowers into a water tube, then place the flowers down in the grass. Cover the edge of the wheat grass with wide ribbon.

Place pillar candles of different heights on a round or square mirror for a romantic centerpiece. Place votive candles around the outside of the mirror.

Place a long mirror down the center of a table like a runner and place candles of different heights and shapes along the length of the mirror.

Bring color to the table via cloth napkins. Give each person two napkins slipped into one napkin ring. Use two different colors, two coordinating patterns or one patterned and one solid-colored napkin. A colorful setting can be achieved with little effort this way.

Hobbies & Interests of the Birthday Guy or Gal:

Golf– "Teeing up for an awesome Birthday!", "40 suits you to a Tee!"
Baseball– "A Grand Slam of a Birthday!", "Take me out to the Ballgame!"
Tennis – "Serving up wishes for an Ace Birthday"
Fishing– "Casting Wishes for a "Reel" Great Birthday!'
Sailing/Boating– "Setting Sail for A Birthday Bash", "Anchors Aweigh Birthday!"
Sports Spectator/Couch Potato - "King of the Remote", "Sports Fanatic!", "Take me out to the Ball Game!"
Bowling - "Striking-up for a Ball of a Birthday"
Racing – "Revved-up for Birthday"
Surfing – Surf's Up Theme
Boat Building- "Building a Birthday to Remember", "Anchor's Away Birthday Bash!", "Cruising the Seas Birthday".
Traveling- "A World of Wonder Awaits!"
Nature - Hiking/Camping – "The Great Outdoors awaits!" Environmentalist – "Rainforest Safari"
Jigsaw Puzzles - "You've made this picture complete!"
Music - "Set the Night to Music", " In 30 Years You've never missed a Beat!"
Motorcycles/Harley Davidson - "Hog Wild Birthday!"
Pro Wrestling - "Stone Cold Steve (retiree's name) retires at the Peak of his Career!"
Wine Connoisseur - Wine Tasting party-"A Vintage Birthday!" 
Gardening "Everything's Coming up Roses" or "Time to Blossom"
Woodworking/Crafting/Sewing - "Crafting a Birthday Just for You!"
Rodeo/Square Dancing - "Wild Wild West!", "Buckaroo Birthday"
Flying/Hot Air Ballooning/Skydiving- "Flying High Into the Future!"


If a trip down memory lane would appeal to your guest of honor, choose a theme with a nostalgic mood:


Using a nostalgia theme is a wonderful way to hi-light the Birthday and life of the individual you are honoring. Do as much research before the party as you possibly can.

Decorate a special chair for the honoree to sit in while they are being toasted, shine a spotlight on him or her, and preserve as many mementos as possible. A thoughtful scrapbook can then be assembled at a later date.

If you are including a "Roast", ask the roasters to balance the silly comments with flattering comments…this party should make the guest of honor feel good! Ask each guest to come up with his or her own toast or tribute. This can take many different forms: a tape recorded message, a video segment, a telegram, a singing telegram, a poem, song, or skit, a photo collage, slide presentation, or a homemade music video.

If you think you may have reluctant presenters in your group, ask an outgoing guest to serve as MC for the evening, and put everyone at ease. There's a ham in every group!

Salute the Decade of your Guest of Honors Birth

If the idea of spotlighting the life of your birthday guest of honor doesn't appeal to you, but you'd still like to invoke a feeling of nostalgia, salute the era most appealing to the guest of honor, or the decade in which he/she was born. These themes are always a big hit:

"RETRO THEME" 60's, 70's, 80's
"SWING PARTY!" – A salute to the 40s!

Fantasy Birthday Locations:

Decorate your party rooms to resemble the fantasy location as much as possible. Include lots of authentic music, lighting, and food to transport guests to a really soothing place!

TROPICAL PARADISE? Luau, Caribbean, Tiki
SANDY BEACH? – "Beach Bash"
YACHTING AROUND THE GLOBE? - "Anchors Away", Nautical Party Ideas
A DUDE RANCH? – "Wild Wild West!"
LAS VEGAS/MONACO? – "Casino Night"
THE AMAZON? – "It's a Jungle out there!"-
GLOBE TROTTING? – "A World of Wonder Awaits!"
SULTRY SOUTH AMERICA? – "Mexican Fiesta!"-

Party Activities:

Here are a few suggestions for activities that are every bit as entertaining as that!

Definitely Roast the guest of honor.

Create a slide show such as “This is your life – way back when, before you were 40/50”, and play it during the party. You could also make a thin screen of gossamer and have guests hide behind it and disguise their voices. Have them tell funny stories and have the guest of honor guess who is behind the screen.

Let the music begin! Add Rhythm to the Night... with maracas, tambourines and noisemakers in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, sizes and sounds. Play music from earlier generations with an announcement that “This should really take you back”. Play Lawrence Welk, Pops, Big Band, and music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Hire a Fortune Teller!

For an Over the Hill Birthday - Deliver a bag full of surprises for the guest of honor: Geritol, Metamucill, prune juice, bran, false teeth, Viagra, Early Bird Special coupons, and AARP cards. Some people take razzing well and will find a touch of poking fun at the age cute.

Compile a memory book for the birthday guest. Here’s how: Offer each guest a card that says “You’ve reached an important Milestone, but I remember when…” Each guest fills a card out at the party then all the cards are collected and put into the memory book.

Have each guest’s picture taken at the party, either with or without the guest of honor, and put all the photos into the memory book.

Limbo is always a fun for any party.

Pinatas  are always a great activity at any event, for both the liitle kids and the big kids. They also make get centerpieces too

Party Food & Cake:

Depending on what time of day you will be serving food and how much you want to spend, you have several options for great food. The sky is the limit for choices, but here are some fun ideas: Choose foods that match your theme, if you will be hiring a caterer they can give you assistance with your menu selections.

“Let’s not “Dessert” Katie…just because she’s 40/50” Dessert Bar – perfect for afternoon or evening parties instead of a full meal.

Set up a full Mexican bar. Have all of the fixings for some great burritos, nachos, tacos, and more!

Serve all of the guest of honor’s favorite dishes.

Hold a potluck where everyone brings a dish and a recipe card for the birthday girl. It’s never too late to start a new recipe collection.

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