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Floral Services - Holiday Door Decor Made Easy

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Holiday Door Decor Made Easy

This wreath incorporates magnolia leaves, and highlights the radius top of this JELD-WEN Custom Fiberglass Exterior Door.

Holiday Door Decorations

ARA) - When it comes to holiday door decor, 'tis the season to go all-natural.

Front doors greet guests and carolers during the holiday season, and natural elements found in one's own backyard can be made into elegant door decor that complements a home's individual style.

Decorating a home also brings attention to the importance of proper maintenance that can help preserve its reliability and beauty.

"A home's entrance sets the tone for the holidays more than any other time of year," said Kevin Pine, product marketing manager for JELD-WEN Windows & Doors. "Before they begin decorating, homeowners should inspect the door to make sure it is in good working order before the chilly winter months."

A few simple and quick touch-ups can add years of life to a door.

"If there's a cold draft, replace the weatherstrip," said Pine. "If the surface is chipped, dull or whitish, retouch it with the manufacturer's recommended finish. If it's dirty, clean the door with a gentle solution; avoid harsh or abrasive materials."

Once a door has had proper maintenance and homeowners are ready to decorate, they should think about the wreath's proportions and how it will work with the dimensions, shape and color of the door.

Here are instructions to try at home for making a magnolia wreath. Other materials may be used depending on region and availability.

Choosing Materials
This season's door decorations are not limited to what is at the local craft store. Instead, supplies found in the kitchen and backyard, such as dried fruits, wild grasses and leaves, can boost any home's seasonal decor.

To enhance entryways, consider overall architectural style and the type of door to create unique and special designs that use regional elements. Whether decorating a traditional Eastern home, a beachfront bungalow or a Southwestern ranch, natural elements that grow locally can enhance and highlight a home's entrance.

At-Home Magnolia Leaf Wreath Project

Holiday Door Wreath

Wire each cluster of leaves to the back of wreath ring.

This wreath is deceptively simple to create and is made with only a few materials. Two complementary, wide ribbons give the wreath a fuller and richer look, and balance the size of the magnolia leaf clusters. The ribbon also has glitter and felt detailing, which adds depth and texture.

Because this round wreath has such a traditional feel, it can work on many door styles from Colonial or Georgian to Mediterranean or even Modern. When replicating this decor, keep in mind a door's size, and scale the wreath appropriately so that it does not overpower or look too small on it. Placement is also important. Keeping the wreath in the top third of the door at eye level attracts people's attention.


Magnolia leaves or other broad evergreen leaves
14-inch wreath ring
22-gauge paddle wire
15 feet of four-inch wide ribbon in two complementary colors
Gold glitter spray


Start with a wreath ring size of 14 inch and 22-gauge wire. Lay small clusters of cut magnolia, (three to five pieces in each cluster), next to the wreath ring and wire them on, overlapping them onto the wreath ring as you go (can be pre-wired together before starting).

Using 12-inch pieces of ribbon, fold each piece over to make six-inch loops. The ribbon loops are pinched together at the bottom and then wrapped with the wire. Tuck the ribbon loops into the wreath and wire them on.

Spray the wreath with gold glitter as desired. Use a doubled piece of ribbon to hang the wreath with a large bow on top. The bow should have four loops, two on each ribbon.

For more information on choosing door decor that matches popular architectural styles, visit


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