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Floral Services - Chase Away Winter Blues with Flowers

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Chase Away Those Winter Blues and Morning Blahs with Flowers
(ARA) - The change from daylight-saving time to standard time is nearly upon us, which means fewer daylight hours, with the reduced amount of light during the winter months cited as a contributing factor for depressed moods. For those who already experience morning blahs, the joy and cheer of the holiday season can be tough to muster. But rather than hide under a blanket until spring, there's an easy way to boost spirits and decorate for the holidays at the same time.

"The morning blahs, it turns out, is a real phenomenon, with positive moods -- happiness, friendliness and warmth, for example -- manifesting much later in the day," says lead researcher Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D. "Interestingly, when we placed a small bouquet of flowers into their morning routines, people perked up."

Participants of a behavioral study conducted by researchers at Harvard University Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed they feel least positive in the early hours but reported being happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning.

"What I find interesting is that by starting the day in a more positive mood, you are likely to transfer those happier feelings to others -- it's what is called mood contagion," says Etcoff. "And, the kitchen is the place where families tend to gather in the morning -- imagine how big a difference a better morning mood can make."

According to Jill Slater, designer for, adding flowers throughout the home this season is simple. She suggests placing flowers in areas of the home such as the kitchen where they can be enjoyed by everyone first thing in the morning and all day long.

Kitchen Spice Flower Arrangement

Here is a simple recipe by Jill Slater for creating a unique holiday bouquet to ease away the morning blahs and bring in holiday cheer.


* Filled spice jars and rack

* 2 stems of each of the following: red gerbera daisies, red roses and red standard carnations

* Floral clippers and flower food/preservative


1. Empty eight of the spice jars.

2. Fill the jars with water that has been treated with flower food/preservative and place them randomly in the rack.

3. Cut the flowers to the height of the jars -- the flower bloom should sit on the rim of the jar -- insert flowers into jars.

4. Keep jars filled with water, adding water/flower food solution as needed.

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