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Floral Services - Bouquet Boot Camp

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'Bouquet Boot Camp': Basic Training for Longer-Lived Blooms
(ARA) - Given with love, received with joy, cut flowers are among the most popular gifts for nearly every occasion. To really "wow" the recipient, help keep that bouquet blooming and beautiful for as long as possible - with basic training in the lives of cut flowers courtesy of "Bouquet Boot Camp."

Don't worry; no one will shout at you and there won't be any muddy obstacle courses involved. Instead, you'll just need to take a few minutes to educate yourself on which blooms last longest, and what steps you can take to make them last even longer.

"Everyone loves flowers, even if they don't know the names of the various varieties," says Dr. Bridget Behe, the "Flower Doctor" and a professor in Michigan State University's horticulture department. "Once you learn about flowers, you grow to appreciate and love them even more."

Behe offers "Bouquet Boot Camp" - expert advice and answers to consumer questions about cut flowers - online at The site also offers a flower encyclopedia, downloadable care and handling tip sheets, and design recipes -- for those who might want to personalize their bouquets.

Here are a few basics that can help extend the life of cut flowers:

* When choosing flowers from a florist or market, opt for those with upright, firm petals and buds just beginning to open. If the leaves are yellow, spotted or drooping, they're old. Also, skip broken or bent stems.

* The water in which the stems are stored should smell fresh and clean, and the stems should be clean, not slimy.

* Store your bouquet in a cool place.

* Use the right size vase. Too large a vase will distract from the beauty of the bouquet; too small a container will cramp the flowers and lead to quicker decay. Also, be sure the vase is clean and you use fresh water.

* Add a commercial flower food to the water. This will greatly extend the life of the cut blooms. Most packets should be mixed with a pint or a quart of water; be sure not to dilute the food by using too much water.

* Trim off all leaves that will fall below the water line. Underwater leaves can promote bacterial growth that can decrease the life of the flower.

* Use a sharp knife or shears to remove the bottom 1 to 2 inches of the stems. Then arrange the flowers in your vase or container.

* Keep cut flowers out of direct sun and away from drafts.

Keep in mind it's important to select the right kind of flower for your bouquet, as well. Here are the five most popular flower varieties for bouquets:

* Roses - America's favorite bloom, roses originated more than 4,000 years ago. Today, they're available in many shapes, sizes and colors, including three popular types: sweetheart, spray and hybrid tea.

* Gerbera Daisies - A burst of sunshine in any bouquet, Gerbera Daisies are available in more than 160 colors, with light or dark centers, in standard and micro sizes.

* Lilies - A consistent star in the flower world, lilies come in white, cream, yellows, reds, pinks and bi-colors. They are fragrant and dramatic in bouquets.

* Alstroemeria - Symbolizing "wealth and prosperity," the long-lasting Alstroemeria makes a bold statement with multiple blooms per stem.

* Carnations - Timeless and long-lasting, carnations come in a plethora of colors, with new cultivars becoming available frequently.

To graduate from "Bouquet Boot Camp" and learn to extend the life of cut flowers, visit

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