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Western Party Ideas - Western Floral Ideas

Party Resource Guide
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Western Floral Ideas

For a western event, structured flower arrangements would look out of place. If you want a total old west motif, you will want to have your flowers look simple and hand done. Remember in the old west they would not have had a florist and hot house flowers. Want to do it yourself? Try the following:

Types of flowers: Wildflowers, Gerbera Daisies, Asters, Snap Dragons, Spray Roses, Marigolds, Black-eyed Susan, Sunflowers, Wax Flowers, Crocusmia (Mt. Bresia), Limonium Misty, Solidago, Delphinium and shafts of Wheat.

Fill containers (buckets, watering cans, jelly jars, galvanized pails, boots, baskets, tin cans & etc.) with flowers and set on the tables.


Use denim tablecloths and Mason Jars with gerbera daisies, attach a bandana print ribbon with a wood monogram around the jar.

Jelly jars for votive holders and to hold small bouquets of flowers

Save soup-sized tin cans, spray paint silver, and use as flower containers. Add coils of rope, raffia, to containers for additional accent..

Use soft rope, raffia and wild weed looking accents in floral arrangements.

Float a candle in a quart size Mason jar, place a floral ring around the jar with ivy trailing out of the ring.

Use small Straw Bales  and add an arrangement of real daisies or wildflowers to the top of each one. Add some hurricane lamps with some ivy trim.

Build columns from old barn wood, top with bandanas and add a fern plant.

Use driftwood, wheat, greenery & wildflowers to add a western flair to a trellis.

Coils of rope with flowers added make great wall decor or use coils of rope to cover containers. 

Tie bunches of wildflowers to wooden fence posts or weave wheat into latticework.

Make a grapevine wreath decorated with dried herbs and hang on the entry door.

Place a plant and bandana into a boot, place a couple of large rocks next to the boot.

Use a quart size Mason jar, add a votive candle, place inside a floral ring with ivy trailing over the table. 

Place a bandana in the center of a table, tie strips of bandana fabric together to use as a runner on tables. Place flowers into Straw Bales .

Make shapes (hearts, boots & etc.) from barbwire.

Float candles in galvanized pails or wide mouth Mason jars.

Use a wide mouth Mason jar. Add a couple of inches of water. Float a single flower head in the water. To keep your flower from sinking in the water, cut a circle from a Styrofoam plate that is slightly smaller than the flower. Push the flower stem through the middle of the Styrofoam and place into the water. The stem should only be about an inch long.

Wrought-iron candelabras will add to the festive, outdoorsy atmosphere, a fitting scene for a formal western event.

Galvanized pails with daisy floral rings around hurricane shades.



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