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Halloween Party Ideas & Supplies - Halloween Party Games

Party Resource Guide
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Halloween Games & Activities

Looking for some fun games & activities for your next Halloween party? Here are some suggestions from our party planners.

Glow-In-The-Dark Dance

Use black lights on your dance floor and have your DJ hand out Glow items or LED's novelties between different sets of music to keep your dance floor lively. Check out our Black Light Party Ideas

Spider Web (good ice breaker game)

Props: A network of yarn (as many different colors as guests), wound around tables, under rugs, across doorways, and among other pieces of yarn in the party room. Clothespin attached to end of each color of yarn.

As guests set foot in house they are met with a network of yarn. Each is given one of the clothespins and asked to untangle his/her color of yarn. The winner is the one who untangles his yarn first.

Chinny Chin Chin

Props: Apples or Oranges

Divide guests into two teams. Line them up. Under the chin of first person in each line, tuck an apple. He turns to the next in line and, without using his hands, transfers the apple into position under his chin. If apple drops, he picks it up and tries again. The first team to transfer the apple to the end of their line is the winner.

Broomstick Relay

Props: Balloon & Broom for the each team.

Divide kid's into 2 or 3 teams with 4, 6 or 8 to each team. Half of each team line up on one side of the room and the other half of the team line up on other side of room. Give the first person on each team (on one side of room) a balloon and a broom. At signal, the first person on each teams starts sweeping his/her balloon across the floor to his/her team member. If balloon breaks, provide team with another balloon and they must begin again from the starting line. When first person reaches their team member across the room, the next team member quickly grabs broom and sweeps balloon back to the other side. First team through wins.

Variation For Teen Parties:

Choose partners. Broom and balloon for each girl, each a different color. Girls line up at one side of room, boys at other. Each girl places a balloon on starting line; then she is supplied with a broom. At signal, she starts sweeping her balloon across the floor to her partner. If it breaks, couple is disqualified. When girl reaches boy, he quickly grabs broom and sweeps balloon back to the other side. First couple through wins.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Props: Stack of old magazines, several pairs of scissors, also a list of items to be located as: bell, monkey, glass of orange juice, worm (Make your lists from items you find before the party in the magazines).

Part-time: Put magazines, scissors, and list in center of room. Let teams locate and cut out items. The first team to get all of the items wins or the team that greats the most items in 20 minutes win

Witch Puzzle

Props: Textile paints, old sheet, black yarn, camera.

Part-time: On sheet let artist in your crowd paint a 5 foot witch. Cut a round hole where the face should be; attach black yarn for hair. Hang sheet in a doorway. Each boy in turn sticks his head through opening, making as horrible a face as he can, and holding pose only 5 seconds. Girls try to guess identity of each. Have a flash camera handy fir this one; it's a photographer's dream.

Fireside Finale

After playing some of the other games everyone should be glad to sit in front of the fire and rest. Bring out a centerpiece tray of candied apples, marshmallows, corn to pop and any supper leftovers that are handy.

Now enjoy ghost stories or a good old-fashioned sing-a-long before saying "Good night."


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