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Kid's Party Ideas - Balloon Party Games

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Balloon Toss

Divide your guests into two equal teams in separate lines. Give the leader of each line an inflated balloon. At the sound of go they must try to pass the balloon in the air to the next person in line without it ever touching the ground. When it reaches the end person have them pass it back to the front. The first team to get it to the front of the line wins.

Balloon Balance

Props: For each, a blown-up balloon and a tablespoon.

Each person places a balloon on a spoon held between his teeth. Each dances toward goal line, keeping his/her balloon on spoon. If balloon drops, he/she is disqualified. First person to reach goal line with his/her balloon still on the spoon is the winner.

Pass the Balloon

Players are in a circle. They pass the balloon to each other behind their backs, trying not to hold it for a long time in their hands. Then after the signal the player who has a balloon in his hands is out of the game.

Mystery Balloons


Plenty of balloons 
Construction Paper Shapes 
Assorted party favors

Hide an assortment of party favors within a designated area. Write clues on shapes cut out of construction paper about where a certain party favor is located. Depending on the age group, you could either write words or draw simple pictures. Roll the clues up and gently slip them inside an unflated balloon. Blow the balloons up with air and hang them on the walls for a decoration. When you are about to start the game, have a child choose a balloon off the wall and pop it by sitting or stomping on it (some children my need help).  Tell the children to use the clue to find the missing party favor. 

Balloon Race

Divide into teams and have the kid's pass a balloon using only their knees.

Theme Balloon Relay

Split the guest into two teams. Each team is given a theme latex balloon (butterfly, animal shape, favorite character & etc). If you can't find a balloon to match your theme, draw a picture on construction paper and attach to the balloon or use a marker and draw picture directly on the balloon. Stickers also work well.

Mark a start and turn line about 10 ft apart. Each team member must bat the balloon in the air, heading toward the turning point and then bat the balloon back without letting it touch the floor (or ground). If the balloon touches the floor the team player must start over at the starting line. First team to have all players complete their turn wins. To help make it easier to see which team is first, as a team player finishes their turn they go to the end of the line and sit down.








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