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Western Party Ideas - Western Party Games & Activities

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Western Party Games & Activities

Cactus Pinata Each Horse Pinata With Pull String Kit Cow Pinata With Pull String Kit
Cactus Pinata Each Horse Pinata With Pull String Kit Cow Pinata With Pull String Kit

Entertain your guests with an old fashioned hayride.

Hire a DJ or Western Band It’s a great time to kick up your heels and give out a little "Yee-haw"!

Hire desperados, gunslingers, saloon girls, a Sheriff and an entourage of costumed ‘Dollies’ to meet and greet your guests and perform.

Create a favorite photo opportunity Grab Your Digital Camera! Use Wanted Poster Photo Stand In to pose for memorable photos. Saloon Photo Op or Western Couple Stand In provide fun at any western party. Western Arches and Props are also great photo ops.

Wanted Poster Standee Each Western Couple Photo Op Each Saloon Photo Op Each
Wanted Poster Standee Each Western Couple Photo Op Each Saloon Photo Op Each

Square Dancing - Hire a caller to teach everyone how to square dance or do the two-step.

Photo Booths are a great activity too. Check with your DJ, many of them offer this service too.

Nothing beats an old-fashion campfire when you are doing a Western theme party.  Try to find someone who knows a few tunes and can play the guitar for a fun sing-along. Here are some suggestions:

  • Home on the Range
  • My Darling Clementine
  • Get Along Little Doggies
  • She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain
  • Happy Trails
  • Pony Boy
  • Streets of Laredo
  • Turkey in the Straw
  • Deep in the Heart of Texas

You could also have the guests list as many songs as they can and give a prize to the one with the longest list!

Sack Races - Start this round up off with some old fashioned sack races. Divide your guests into two equal teams. Give each team a burlap bag that they step into and have them race to a specified distance and back. Continue until one team has completely finished. The one team who finishes first wins. 

Potato Sacks Pkg/6

Potato Sacks Pkg/6

Create your own Western Film - For some fun crowd interaction, have your guests take turns staging a small Western film.  Pull out your video camera and play back the short films. Have your guests vote for their favorites in different categories – i.e. funniest, most realistic, John Wayne stand ins, etc.

Try your luck at a "lassoing" contest.

How about a little Rattlesnake Ruckus? Place some dried beans into a small plastic bottle. Place the bottle inside a sock. Stuff the sock with newspapers and tie off the end. Seat your guests in a circle and toss the rattlesnake around the circle to music (like hot potato game). When music stops, the one bitten by the rattlesnake (has the rattlesnake) is out of the game. Continue until one person is left. 

Pass the Cowboy Hat - Have the children sit in a circle. Start the music, as the music plays a Cowboy Hat (or other item related to your theme)  is passed around the circle. When the music stops the person holding the Hat is Out. Continue until only one child remains.

Sheriff Relay

You will need the following items:

Divide your guest into two teams. Choose a person from each team to be the "Sheriff."

Have each team form a line with the "Sheriff" (the chosen team member) at the end. Place one of each of the items in a pile at the beginning of each line. To begin, the first person in line puts on all the items in the pile. The second person in line can help by handing items to the person getting dressed. After all items are somewhere on the first person's body, they undress and place items with help of the next person in line. Continue until all members of the team have dressed and undressed and the "Sheriff" wears all the items. The winning team is the team that's Sheriff finishes dressing first.

Wheel Barrow Races - Divide your party guests into two equal teams in two single file lines. Have the leader of each line get on their hands and knees. At the start of go the player behind them will grab his/her ankles and hold up their legs so they can only walk on their hands. Race to a designated area and have them reverse on the way back. Continue until one team finishes first.

Hay Fights / Horseshoes – some things you just never outgrow!

Rent a mechanical bull for some real bucking good times.




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Personalized Pin The Tail/horse Game Each

Personalized Pin The Tail/horse Game Each

Jail Standee Each

Jail Standee Each

Rodeo Photo Op Standee Each

Rodeo Photo Op Standee Each

Cowhide Balloons 11 Inch Pkg/50

Cowhide Balloons 11 Inch Pkg/50


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