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Kid's Party Ideas - Barbie Party Supplies, Barbie Party Ideas

Party Resource Guide
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Barbie All Doll'd Up Kit-N-Kaboodle Barbie All Doll'd Up Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodkit

Barbie All Doll'd Up Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Personalized Princess Castle Each

Personalized Princess Castle Each

All your little princesses will love playing in this cardboard Princess Castle! The Castle measures 68 inches high x 46 inches wide x 25 inches deep and can be personalized with 2 lines of your own wording. Assembly required. Not intended for outdoor use.


3d Castle Gate Each

The personalized Castle Gate is a great addition to any princess party. The castle gate is 5 1/4' high x 5 1/2' wide x 1' deep and made of cardboard. Each gate can be personalized with two lines of copy. Assembly Required.

3d Castle Gate Each

Invite your friends to celebrate your birthday with Barbie.

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special character, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

About four weeks before the party address and mail your invitations.


Crown all the princesses at your party with a colorful Birthday Tiara .

Feathered Boas are also a great accessory for any Barbie.


Outdoor decorations:

Sprinkle small shimmer hearts on the outdoor pathway leading to your home or party location, in invitations or even inside balloons for a great, unique touch at a budget price.     

Attach a bouquet of helium filled balloons to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day!

Indoor Decorations:

Setting a table with Barbie Party Ware, including the tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery is the fastest way to create a focal point in a room.  

The room should be decorated with plenty of different shades of pink, rose & lilac balloons and crepe streamers.

Tie bows with pink ribbon, pink tulle or pink gossamer  and tie across the top of each chair back.  The bows can be cut to any length, and look terrific with tails trailing on the floor. Make bows to hang anywhere and everywhere…chairs, doorways, tree trunks, stair rails, deck posts, gift packages or table-ends.

Place a centerpiece on your guest tables or buffet tables.

Display your birthday cake in the center of the table…the girls will love the close up view!

Place small clay pots on the table and fill with pink carnations. You can also write the name of each guest on the pot and they can serve as place cards as well. Allow some pearl dress-up beads to drape over the side of each pot.

Create a round floral centerpiece.  Start by cutting a piece off the bottom of the Styrofoam ball so that it will seat flat. Then cut pink artificial carnation stems to about 2" with wire cutters and inserting into the Styrofoam ball until covered.  Takes about 30 - 48 carnations. You can also make these pomander balls to hang from stairway rails, tree branches or anywhere that you want to hang them. To make the hanging ball start by using a long piece of floral wire, bend the wire to form a long hairpin shape. Push the long hairpin through the center of the ball. On the side of the ball where the hairpin is closed insert a wood pick between the ball and the wire (keeps the wire from pulling out of the ball). On the other end twist the wire to secure and attach your ribbon to form a hanger. Then insert your flowers.


Hire a Barbie Look-a-like, have her come to the party to pass out the goodie bags and let the girls get their pictures with her. The girl's will love favors like:


Pass my Hat Please ( play like hot potato)

Pass the Barbie
Have the girls sit in a circle. Start the music, as the music plays a Barbie Doll is passed around the circle. When the music stops the person holding the Barbie is Out. Remove one chair and repeat until only one player remains.

Passion for Fashion Dress-up - Gather all the fun dress-up clothing you can find (or borrow from friends)…fun, fancy, foo-foo outfits (size is completely irrelevant), Feather Boas, faux fur wraps, hi-heeled play shoes, pleather pants or skirts, capes, etc. As each guest arrives, invite her to the design studio to prepare for the fashion show.

A Karaoke Machine is the perfect birthday gift for a dream girl, and it can be used throughout the party.  No fashion show would be complete without special effects.

After each guest has selected an outfit befitting a Barbie Girl, apply dramatic makeup, style hair, and paint nails ( Kids Nail Polish ), and lots of costume jewelry.  This is a great place to call upon adult friends and family for help. If you can convince them to dress up and play a role as hairdresser, manicurist or makeup artist, the party will be all the more fun for the little Barbie's.

If you wish, you could hire a dance instructor or high school girl to come to the party to choreograph a dance or direct a fashion shoot video. Invite parents to come 15 minutes prior to the end of the party, and let the girls perform a mini fashion show for them. Every little girl should enjoy at least 15 minutes of fame! Have parents ask for autographs and take lots of photos of the group. 

Find a Barbie coloring book and have the birthday girl pick her favorite picture of Barbie. Bring this picture to a copying center and have them enlarge it into a poster. Black and white enlargements cost a couple of dollars. Design your pin on part (earring, necklace, braid, ponytail & etc.) and cut them out.


If the plastic food in most of Barbie’s kits is any indication, she appears to like hamburgers. Why not serve Barbie Burgers? Or make tiny heart sandwiches, cut them into heart shapes using a cookie cutter.

If you decide to serve a light meal, serve food that you would typically find at a mall food court (Barbie’s fav hang-out) -- pizza by the slice, nachos, burgers and fries, or soft pretzels.

 Another option would be to serve all things pink…pink punch, pink J-ello™, pink rice crispy treats, pink M&Ms, pink pancakes or waffles (any batter can be easily colored with red food coloring), pink ham roll ups or mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

  • Make a sweet-fruit tart and add a “cloud” of meringue to the top it's heavenly!
  • Make Heart-shaped scones with a touch of baked-in berry preserves.
  • Serve pink ice-cream, pink sherbet, or pink milkshakes

Beverage: Barbie’s favorite color is pink, and her favorite fruits are strawberries & cherries, so why not reflect this in the beverage by serving Strawberry Coolers.

Strawberry Coolers

Use strawberry-flavored soft drink mix to make these fun and fruity coolers.

Makes 8 servings

1 envelope (2-quart size) strawberry-flavored soft drink mix
2/3 cup sugar
3 cups water
1 pint (2 cups) strawberries, stems removed, or frozen whole strawberries
2 bottles (1 liter each) lemon-lime soda pop

1. Mix soft drink mix, sugar and water. Pour into divided ice-cube tray. Place 1 whole strawberry in each cube. Freeze at least 4 hours or overnight.

2. To serve, place frozen fruit cubes in glasses. Fill glasses with soda pop.

Fruit Dunkers

Cut up the fruits suggested here or any others you like to dip in this lighter-than-air strawberry cream cheese dip.

Soft cream cheese with strawberries
Frozen whipped topping, thawed
Melon balls
Pineapple chunks

Mix equal parts cream cheese and whipping topping until smooth. Dunk fruits into cream cheese mixture with toothpicks

Fruity Sundaes

You won’t even miss the ice cream in these whipped cream- and nut-topped fruit treats!

Bananas, sliced
Frozen strawberries in syrup, thawed
Whipped topping or whipped topping from a pressurized can, if desired
Finely chopped nuts, if desired

Mix bananas, grapes and strawberries (with syrup). Spoon into small bowls. Top with whipped topping and nuts.

The Cake:

Because Barbie loves all things pink and groovy, try an easy and super-fun Flower Power cake!

Most of your local bakeries or grocery stores offer Barbie cakes. Or if you would like to make your own cake pick up a Wonder Mold Set at your local craft store. The perfect base for a Barbie Doll Cake the Wonder Mold Set, uses a Teen Doll Pick. Pan is 8". diameter and 5" deep; takes 5-6 cups of firm textured batter. Heat-conducting rod assures even baking. Kit contains pan, rod, stand, 7 inch doll pick and instructions. Aluminum.  ©Wilton

Want flowers on your cake? But the thought of making a rose out of frosting terrifies you? Easy, fresh flowers are gorgeous, but make sure they haven't been exposed to chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers. Of course you can always use silk flowers, & with them you don't have to worry about the chemicals or if they are in season. Another idea is to purchase an extra mylar balloon, cut out the design, add a small amount of vegetable oil to the back of the cut out design. Frost your cake and then position the design on top. Remove the design before cutting the cake.

Try this easy Enchanted Castle Cake Recipe

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Pink Cloud Castle Each

Pink Cloud Castle Each

Rockstar Arch Each

Rockstar Arch Each

Barbie All Doll'd Up Favor Set Pkg/42

Barbie All Doll'd Up Favor Set Pkg/42

Barbie All Doll'd Up Glitter Glasses Pkg/10

Barbie All Doll'd Up Glitter Glasses Pkg/10

Barbie Frames Silhouette Rings Pkg/24

Barbie Frames Silhouette Rings Pkg/24

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