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Kid's Party Ideas - Batman Party Supplies, Batman Party Ideas

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

To the Bat Cave!

Holy cow, Batman! These dynamic party ideas are sure to be a hit at my party! 

A Batman party is sure to be a big hit with children ages 4-10. Set the tone with fun Batman Party Supplies, decorations & favors, for guaranteed super-hero fun for everyone! Conniving criminals may be in the vicinity, but no fiendish foe will dare spoil the fun at this Batman™party!  Batman party ideas & tips.


Batman Heroes and Villains Party Favor Box

Batman Heroes and Villains Party Favor Box



Setting the tone:

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special character, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

Start by playing the Batman theme song or soundtrack of the latest film in the background.

After selecting this theme for your party, choose a slogan or theme to use to tie in decorations for your Batmantm theme. Try one of the following, or brainstorm with the birthday boy or girl to come up with the perfect slogan for your party:

  • "Holy Cake and Ice Cream...Jason is turning 7!"

  • "Come and Party with the Caped Crusader and Tommy!"

  • "Party at the Batcave!"

  • "Join us for a Gotham City Gathering...we're celebrating Todd's 5th Birthday!"


About two weeks prior to your party send out Batman Invitations to let your young guests know what a Masked and Marvelous time they will have at the party:

If you choose to make your own invitations you might use wording like:

"Batman needs YOUR help" 
"Celebrating Tony's Birthday!"
Come join us for some batty fun. 
Inside put typical party information
Location: The Bat Cave
(your address)

Say Thank-you to your guests with Batman Thank You Cards.

What to wear:

Kids love to dress up! Request that guests come to the party dressed as their favorite super-hero. Involve the adults attending the party too...none of us have ever outgrown the childhood fantasy of saving the world from impending doom!

Have a friend or relative dress up in a Batman Costume & or hire someone to come dressed as Batman™.

Take a photo of each child with Batman and send a copy with your Thank You note. 

Note:  For very young children, costumed figures may be very scary, we have seen many a party spoiled with crying toddlers afraid of a costumed character. For the toddler group if you choose to use a costumed character you might want to have someone dress up like Batman while the children watch. This usually takes the fear factor out with this age group and leads to a much happier party experience.

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The Decorations:

Whether party guests are careening through the streets in the Bat mobile or soaring high above the city, a bouquet of helium filled themed and solid colored balloons attached to a light post or mailbox will let them know where the ultimate adventures of Batmantm will begin!

  • Make some Big questions marks and place them on the walk way coming into the party area, from the Riddler.

  • Top latex balloon bouquets off with a Batman foil balloon.

Table Decorations

Remember the tops of the tables provide you with a very large surface area and covering them with a themed tablecover is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate. 

Place Batman party ware, plates, cups, napkins at each place setting. Using a combination of themed partyware and solid color tableware will create a designer look.

Favors can do double-duty at any party, as they provide perfect tabletop accents that can be used as decorations. Select favors specific to your theme and place them on the tables.

Place a Batman Cake on your food table as the centerpiece along with some green Poison Ivy Punch. Or  display your birthday cake in the center of the guest table...the kids will love the close up view! 

Room Decorations:

Hang a banner or decals on the walls.

Create a Bat cave to shelter Batman and his band of friends from all the sinister criminals in Gotham City! Cover the walls of a garage or basement room with black flat paper.  Add a strobe light and a fog machine to create an underworld atmosphere. If you have any special effects music, or the Batman soundtrack, the music will enhance your Bat cave environment.  Allow time for free play in the fantasy world you have created.

Stuff a white satin clown suit to look like The Joker - In "The Joker's Wild" and it's sequel "Batman is Riled", Caesar Romero wore a costume of a clown it was a white silky smooth satin, with balloon style pants with black cuffs, and had a matching top with black pom poms for buttons and a white satin hat with a black pom pom on top. For the head & face use a white trash bag stuffed with newspaper.

Easy, Affordable Decorating!

Never underestimate the power of balloons, they are an inexpensive but powerful way to transform your party area into a festive space in minutes. Balloon arches are ideal for photo backdrops, entryways, and to hi-light different areas around your party room and are easy to make. Don't forget to tie a bunch of balloons to the birthday child's chair.

Balloon Decorating Tips

Balloons are an affordable and easy product to use to create centerpieces. Select balloons and curling ribbon to match your theme colors. Inflate the balloons (always use an odd number-3, 5, or 7) with helium and let the colorful bouquets float above the table. Make sure the balloons float well above eye level so guests can easily see each other across the table. Secure the balloons by tying the ribbons to weights, floral vases, upside-down hats, or other theme-related items.

If you prefer not to use helium, attach the balloons to balloon sticks and holders and create a bouquet with balloons. Fill a simple vase, gift bag, or other colorful base with shred, gemstones or brightly colored tissue.  


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Games and Activities:

Super Heroes everywhere love to show the full spectrum of their super powers! Let them display all their talents...and expend lots of energy, as they play games that showcase their hi-tech, superhuman skills! Be sure to have a supply of fun favors to use as prizes for your games.

Hire a make-up artist to paint the guests faces or use face painting supplies and do it yourself. Make each child look like he/she just stepped off a the set of a Batman movie. Take photos of the collection of heroes and villains.

Because Batman is the thinking man's superhero, create a paper trail of clues or riddles to lead to the capture of the goods (piñata) the Riddler has stolen. 

A  Pinata is always a hit at a birthday party...and we have one that is just right for this theme!

Play one of the Batman movies.

"MR. Freeze Dance". 
A Bat cave setting is perfect for a game of Mr. Freeze Tag or Mr. Freeze Dancing! A Batman soundtrack would thrill the little caped crusaders.  Boys love to dance just as much as girls do, especially when they can add a few air kicks and punches and other heroic antics into the mix! Play Batman music and when the music pauses they have to Freeze anyone caught moving is out of the game. 

Mr. Freeze Bat Tag 
Tape several bats on the back of every child. The goal is to take the opponents bats off of them. The child with the most bats in one minute wins.

"Stomp the bad guys" 
Insert small pieces of wrapped candy into balloons before inflating them. Tell the kids that the balloons are the "bad guys"...Two-Face, Joker, Riddler, Harleyquin, Bane, Catwoman, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy.  Encourage them to stomp the bad guys by popping the balloons. For a fun twist on the game, don’t allow them to use their feet in "round two"! The prize? The candy they uncover! 

Get each little action hero ready to save Gotham City by creating a simple and inexpensive costume. Combine a Batman Mask with a cape, and they’ll be ready to roll.

Batman Obstacle Course:
Set up an obstacle course around your yard or inside your home using cardboard boxes, garbage cans, and other objects to slow them down. If the children are a little older, you can add challenges like ball throwing, long jump, and climbing to the course. Give each obstacle or challenge a title related to Batman. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Bat Cave - Use a long plastic tube to crawl through (variation: use a table with black cloth or sheet over it, use a blanket to crawl under).

  • Robin's tightrope - Walk across a narrow plank, about a foot off the ground.

  • Bat mobile tires - Old tires to hop in and out of.

Mr. Freeze Entrapment" game (Outdoor/warm weather game)
If you play the "Mr. Freeze Entrapment" game, your party will be the big hit of the year. 

You will need:

  • wading pool

  • water to cover the bottom of the pool

  • dish washing soap

  • hula hoop

  • small block or step stool

  • glycerin (available at most pharmacies)

Add the dish soap and glycerin to the bottom of the pool. Place the hula hoop in the pool, and place the step or block in the center of the hula hoop. Have each child take a turn at standing on the block. Pull the hula hoop up to the top of the child's head, and he will be frozen inside a giant bubble! Take a photo of each child, and then send the priceless pictures with a thank you note at a later date. Encourage the kids to pose in "Bubble Bafflement" Batman style!

Bat cave
Create a Bat cave to hide from all the conniving criminals lurking in the vicinity! Cover the walls of a garage or basement room with black flat paper.  Add a strobe light  or mini strobe light and a fog machine to create an underworld atmosphere. Let the kids decorate with Glow-in-the-Dark paint and glow stars.  Allow time for free play in the fantastic fantasy world you will have created. 

Musical Bat mobile:  (Play similar to musical chairs). 
Start by taping a photo of the Bat mobile (laminate the photo) onto the bottom of one chair (before the party starts). Play Batman theme music, when the music stop and the children sit in the chairs, the child sitting on the Bat mobile chair wins. Repeat the play: Have the kids turn with their back to the chairs; either mix the chairs up or tape the Bat mobile figure to the bottom of a new chair.

Batman Walk: 
Cut out the shape of the Batman's insignia and place a number on each. Attach them to the floor with tape. Place the matching number of each insignia in a large bowl. Play the theme music to Batman. When the music starts the children walk around on the Insignias (play just as you would for a cake walk) when the music stops, call out a number from the bowl. The person standing on that number wins the prize. 

Batman Bingo:
Make your own Bingo cards using various colors and shapes in the squares, as well as various
Batman Stickers (Batman, Robin, Mr. Freeze & etc). As each child gets a row blocked out, they could won a Batman coloring book or comic books as the prize, or any Batman favor.

Pin the _____on______. Play as you would pin the tale on the donkey. 
Pin the Bat on the Riddler or Batman: (laminate a picture of the Riddler or Batman and cut black bats from construction paper. Pin the cape on Batman: Use big Batman Silhouette and cut out paper "capes". 

Chase away Batman’s archenemies!
Prior to the party, fill approximately 3-4 solid colored balloons (5") per child with water. Have dad, or another good sport, pose as your child's favorite villain.  Have all the super heroes pelt him with the balloons as he runs and snarls at them. Guaranteed to create howls of delight. Only dad gets soaked...and the evil one is ultimately conquered!

Batman Balloon Race 
Divide into teams and have the kid's pass Balloons using only their knees

Find the Bad Guys: 
Pass out bags with each child's name on it. 
Ask the boys what Batman does? Most of them will answer that they get bad guys?. 
Before the party begins hide about a million ( really about 50) little plastic men in the backyard. You can usually find very inexpensive little plastic men at a dollar store. Make sure your hider knows how tall your average party guest is. Tell the boys they are done and to stop when they capture 5 or 6 bad guys, so that everyone gets to find some. 

Bat cave Hot Potato
You can use virtually any item for the "potato" for this old favorite. If your child has chosen a character party, and has a stuffed or plastic toy of the character, use it. Even a story book about the theme would work well. Use music about/from the theme topic for an added bonus.

Pass The Batman Balloon
Players are in a circle. They pass the Balloons to each other behind their backs, trying not to hold it for a long time in their hands. Then after the signal the player who has a balloon in his hands is out of the game.

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Food Ideas:

Poison Ivy Punch

Use this green punch and freeze some plastic ivy in a Jell-O mold 
to float in the punch bowl. Make a least two molds and replace the 
mold when it melts down to where the plastic ivy is showing.

2 (3 oz.) pkg. lime Jell-O 
2 c. boiling water 
1-1/3 c. sugar 
2 c. cold water 
1 large cans frozen orange juice 
1 large cans frozen lemonade 
1 large cans pineapple juice (not frozen) 
1-1/2 qt. lime sherbet 
1 qt. ginger ale** 

Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water. Add sugar. Stir until 
dissolved. Add cold water. Prepare orange juice, and 
lemonade according to directions on package and then add 
pineapple juice. 

Add to gelatin mixture. Pour into gallon jugs and let chill for 
24 hours before using. Serves 40

** Add sherbet and ginger ale when ready to serve.

Have your little Bat-fan help you name foods as a nod to Batman's foes and friends.  Guests will marvel at the feat you’ve easily conquered!  Place Batman Mask around the edges of serving bowls.  Label the food by writing on the masks with a paint pen. Super Heroes eat hearty meals when they are on duty! Serve:

"Penguin Poppers" (Pizza Rolls, Chicken Nuggets) 

"Penguin Pizza"

Penguin Party Chip and Dip
Use a black plastic top hat turn upside down and put the chips in it.
Place a pair of white gloves and a bubblegum cigar by the dip. 

Cat woman Claws 
Buggles work well and they can put them on their fingers like claws. 

"Harlequin Hamburgers", or "Two-Faced Sandwiches" (half of each ingredient on each side). For example:
half the sandwich with peanut butter and the other half has jelly.

Mr. Freeze ice cream.

Batman Cake

This easy-to-create Bat cake is sure to please all your little superheroes!

What you’ll need:

  • 9" x 13" cake pan

  • 1 cake mix

  • 1½-16 oz. containers of ready-made frosting (Start with chocolate frosting as opposed to a white frosting, because black frosting may taste bitter if you add too much food coloring.  The chocolate frosting is easy to tint black, and the taste will not become bitter.)

  • Black paste or gel food coloring

  • 2-1" Plastic Wiggle eyes

  • 1-Black Pipe Cleaner to create antennae

  • Cake board

  • Bat Confetti (optional)

Bake cake according to directions on the package. After the cake cools completely, place in the freezer.  After the cake is frozen, cut the cake into a bat shape.**  Cutting and frosting are much easier with a frozen cake, and you'll avoid most of the crumbs created by a cut edge when frosting the sides.  Frost the entire bat shape with the black frosting.  Add wiggle eyes.  Bend pipe cleaner into a "V"-like shape, and curl top ends.  Add this to the top of the bat head.  Sprinkle Bat Confetti around the cake board.

Because you are cutting the cake into a shape, you will be discarding some of the cake, and will need to adjust the size accordingly. If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by two boxed mixes, we recommend that you either bake extra cupcakes or an extra rectangular cake. All can be frosted simply and cut and served behind the scenes. 

** Use a coloring page of a bat for a pattern, to locate a bat coloring page just do a search  for "Bat coloring page", you will find lots of designs to chose from.

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Corrugated Border City Skyline Black Roll

Corrugated Border City Skyline Black Roll

Batman Pinata Each

Batman Pinata Each

Batman Masks Pkg/4

Batman Masks Pkg/4

Batman Rubber Wristbands Pkg/4

Batman Rubber Wristbands Pkg/4

Batman Printed Latex Balloons Pkg/25

Batman Printed Latex Balloons Pkg/25

Batman Bubble Balloon Each

Batman Bubble Balloon Each




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