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Kid's Party Ideas - Racing Party,  Nascar Racing Party, Nascar Party Supplies

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The Race is On!

Watching the races is always fun. Nascar fans will love our licensed paper goods and Nascar Party Supplies for a party with a race car theme. Make sure to customize a banner for your race car event.

Tire Arch Each

Tire Arch Each

The Tire Arch features race themed icons, black and white checks and the phrases "Rev 'Em Up!", "Start Your Engines!" and "Pit Crew!". Best of all, the cardboard Personalized Tire Arch can be personalized with up to 2 lines (25 characters each line) of your own custom text. This race themed prop is great for photos and decorating the entrance of any Race themed party - Indy 500®, NASCAR®, Hot Wheels® and more Each Tire Arch measures 103 inches x 76 inches.

Race Car Helmet Each

Race Car Candle Set Pkg/4

Wooden Race Car Craft Kit Pkg/12

Race Car Helmet Each

Race Car Candle Set Pkg/4

Wooden Race Car Craft Kit Pkg/12
Racing Street Sign Cutouts Pkg/4 Racing Stationary Favors Dozen Racing Cutouts Pkg/3
Racing Street Sign Cutouts Pkg/4 Racing Stationary Favors Dozen Racing Cutouts Pkg/3
Metal Race Car Pkg/8 Toy Race Car Pkg/50 Race Car Props Pkg/12
Metal Race Car Pkg/8 Toy Race Car Pkg/50 Race Car Props Pkg/12

Checkered Flag Pennant Banner Each

Checkered Flag Pennant Banner Each



Race Day Specials Personalized Banner 18

Race Day Specials Personalized Banners Each

Racing Personalized Photo Banner 24

Racing Personalized Photo Banners Each

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Start Your Engines!

Set the tone for a fabulous Nascar™  Racing Party with these NASCAR INVITATIONS

Wave the Checkered Flags!

Setting your table with theme party ware is the fastest way to create a focal point and to set the mood for your race day party. First to the Finish Line! For the race car lover, the perfect paper goods is the Nascar Group.  Or race on over for to black & white checked partyware that can’t be beat. Add tons of fun to you race day bash with tableware that will complete your party décor. 

The Plastic Racing Tire Centerpiece has the look of a racing tire with black and white check racing flags at its center. Each of the one-sided racing car centerpieces measures 9 inches. Decorate any race themed party - Indy 500®, NASCAR®, stockcar, Hot Wheel® - party table with this fun racing themed centerpiece.

And They Are Off!  

Pose for photos in this Speedy Race Car that's sure to bring delight to your birthday boy. The design is printed directly on the cardboard for quick and easy assembly. 2 feet 2 inches high x 2 feet wide x 5 feet 11 inches long; easy assembly.

And the Winner Is!

All of the guests at your party will love this SILVER 5" TROPHY. Great to fill with candy, too


After selecting this theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in your invitations, and to use in tying in decorations and personalized favors for your race car theme.  Try one of the following, or brainstorm with the birthday boy to come up with the perfect slogan for your party:

  • ”Start your engines for birthday fun!”
  • “Pit Stop Party”
  • “Sam’s Speedway Spectacular!”
Race Day Party Activities 

Arrange for some speedway socializing with activities that are sure to please a revved up crowd! 

Run a "Pit Stop" relay. Divide the children into two equal teams at the starting line. You will need to have 2 sets of identical items (oil can, oily rag, little black tire, checkered flag, pit stop sign, mini chalk board, etc.) Place the items in two separate buckets. The children can race to the buckets, running through a series orange cones (made from poster board), pick up one "Pit Stop" item, and bring it back to the starting line. The first team to deliver all the pit stop necessities back to the starting line wins! 

Using plastic racing helmets, play this racing variation on the traditional musical chairs game. Have all the children stand in a circle. Have a pile of Race Helmets in the center of the circle, with one less hat than there are children. When the music starts, the children will walk around the circle, not touching the hats. When the music stops, each child needs to put a hat on. The child left without a racing helmet needs to step out of the circle. Take one hat out and continue the game until there is only one person left wearing a hat! 

Using a racecar or empty oilcan, play this racecar variation on the classic Hot Potato game. Have players sit in a circle, and quickly pass the car or "hot engine oil" until the music stops. The player left holding the car or oil when the music stops is out. Keep the music revved up until only one player is left.

We’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t want to take a swing at this

A game of Red Light/Green Light played on the racetrack will be a hit at this NASCAR party.


Race Day Party Food and Cake 

A racecar party can be filled with all things speedy and revved up! The concept of slowing down at a party long enough to consume food is foreign to all of the children we know!  Most children under the age of 10 will only nibble on food at a birthday party. With that in mind, we've come up with a few easy ideas that are sure to please the pickiest of partygoers…and to encourage them to take time for a "Pit Stop"!

Make a sign reading "Gasoline Alley" and serve racetrack "concession" type food: soft pretzels with cheese dip, nachos, snow cones, hot dogs, and popcorn.

Use metal car shaped cookie cutters to cut out simple sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or bologna…all cut very easily, and hold their shape. Don't be surprised if a sandwich "race" is part of the eating process!

Bake and decorate car shaped cookies or cookies in the shape of road signs.

Name all the food and beverages to match your theme. Somehow, to children it becomes much more appetizing! Try "Pit Stop Pizza", "Speedy Spaghetti", "Racetrack Raisins", or "Gassed Up Grapes". Serve dry snacks in well-washed plastic racing helmets turned upside down.

Serve the beverage of choice of all racing champions…milk, straight out of individual sized cartons or Milk Chugtm bottles!

Bake a rectangular shaped 9" X 13" cake from a packaged mix. After the cake cools, frost it with green icing for grass. Create a gray or black racetrack in an oval shape. Pipe white frosting on top of the track to show the start and finish lines. Make a grandstand filled with spectators by adding lines of black writing gel with different colored dots in the lines. Top the cake off with some Race Cars on the track. Have enough cars available, so that each child at the party can have one. 

If you are feeling adventurous or are an accomplished baker, try creating your own stock car! Mini chocolate Hostesstm donuts make the best vehicle tires!  If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by one boxed mix, we recommend that you simply bake extra cupcakes, or an extra rectangular cake.  All can just be frosted in matching frosting, and cut and served behind the scenes. 




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Race Car Driver Photo Prop Each

Race Car Driver Photo Prop Each

Plastic Racing Tire Centerpiece Each

Plastic Racing Tire Centerpiece Each

Speedy Race Car Each

Pose for photos in this Speedy Race Car Standee that's sure to bring delight to your birthday boy.

Speedy Race Car Each

Race Car Standees Each

Race Car Standees Each

Plastic Table Skirt Checkered

Plastic Table Skirt Checkered

Plastic Table Cover 54

Plastic Table Cover 54"x108" Checkered


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