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Party Products - Deco Beads, Crystal Accents Deco Beads, Gel Beads, Vase Fillers

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Lily Bowl with Deco Beads & LED Submersible Candle

Create stunning floral centerpieces and candle displays by using Deco Beads. Crystal Accents Deco Beads are ideal for candles, silk or cut flower arrangements, and more. These unique Vase Fillers come in a rainbow of colors to match any wedding table decorations, birthday party supplies, theme party or graduation.


Just add water to these Deco Beads! Deco Beads are non-toxic and hold over 100 times their weight in water will grow into gel-like marbles when you add water. Each package will make over 1 1/2 quarts of Decorative Gel Beads which are made of polyacrylamide and measure approximately 5/8 inches in diameter when fully absorbed with water. Do not flush down drains.

Deco Beads White 1/2 Oz Pkg Deco Beads Pink 1/2 Oz Pkg
Deco Beads White 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD Deco Beads Pink 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD
Deco Beads Black 1/2 Oz Pkg Deco Beads Royal Blue
Deco Beads Black 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD Deco Beads Royal Blue 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD
Deco Beads Orange 1/2 Oz Pkg Deco Beads Purple 1/2 Oz Pkg
Deco Beads Orange 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD Deco Beads Purple 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD
Deco Beads Clear 1/2 Oz Pkg Deco Beads Green 1/2 Oz Pkg
Deco Beads Clear 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD Deco Beads Green 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD
Deco Beads Red 1/2 Oz Pkg Deco Beads Yellow 1/2 Oz Pkg
Deco Beads Red 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD Deco Beads Yellow 1/2 Oz Pkg $2.99 USD

Tips for working with Deco Beads.

Cube Vase with Deco Beads & LED Submersible Candle

Our event planners use a lot a deco beads and we have a few tips to share with you.

1. Use distilled water for best results when rehydrating the beads (ball is smaller than 1/8" original size), the gel-like marbles will be different sizes (3/8" - 1") after absorbing water. You will get larger beads and they will be more uniform in size when using distilled water, however tap water can also be used. It takes about 1.5 quarts of water per Pkg. Allow the beads to fully expand, about 6 - 8 hours.

2. Have a large container to place the beads in to rehydrate (we use plastic 5 gallon paint buckets, available at home improvement centers). Remove the expanded beads from the water, strain through a plastic colander to drain water off the beads, and pour into vases or bowls. Each Pkg fills approx a 4" x 4" x 4" amount of space.

3. Gel beads when rehydrated BOUNCE, so be careful when pouring them from one container to another.

4. We have seen ideas for use of deco beads that say you can scatter them on tables. Not a good idea. They will bounce off onto the floor and if stepped on they are slippery and they also will crush into carpeting.

5. Do not plan on using more than 1/2 inch of water in the vases with the beads. The beads will float to the top and you will have water at the bottom of the vase. Flowers can still be added because the beads are full of water.

6. The beads can be used over and over again. If you will be using them often, after the event, pour the beads back into a 5 gallon plastic bucket, add enough water to the bucket to cover the beads then seal with a lid (will stay good for months). If you need to dehydrate the gel beads. Place them (single layer) on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper and leave them until they dry out and shrink down to the original size. Then store in plastic bags.

7. If using artificial flowers, be sure to use water proof floral tape on the cut end of the flower. The wire inside the artificial flowers will rust and cause a discoloring of the beads.

8. White LED Submersible Candles can be placed in the bottom of a clear glass vase to illuminate your centerpieces. 

WARNING: For decoration only, made of non-toxic and biodegradable polymer. Not a toy for kids. Children are fascinated by these beads, Keep out of reach of children. Not for Internal use, do not consume, can not be eaten. May pose choking or other hazard.

In this arrangement we used 8" cylinder bud vases filled with clear deco beads and placed two red roses in each vase. On a 12" round mirror we set three cylinder vases (7 1/2 " x 3 1/2", 8 3/4" x 3 1/2" & 10" x 3 1/2") filled with clear deco beads. A floating candle was placed in the top of each vase.



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White LED Submersible Candles

White LED Submersible Candles Set/3

 Cylinder Vase Clear Each

Unimprinted Cylinder Vase Clear Each
















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