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Decorating with balloons, is an inexpensive but powerful way to transform your party area into a festive space in minutes. Visit our featured vendors to find a variety of high quality Latex and Mylar balloons in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors.

Easy, Affordable Balloon Decorating Ideas!

On our Balloon Decorating Tips page, we offer some instructions on how to make balloon clusters, balloon garlands, balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon clouds, balloon palm trees, balloon fish and balloon flowers. You can also find directions for making rosettes from crepe streamers.

A simple decorating ideas for a luncheon, baby shower or any special event is to glue real rose petals onto latex balloons. Just use a spray adhesive (available at craft stores), spray one side of the rose petal and stick on the balloon surface. Other flower petals like daisies can also be used.

Balloon arches are ideal for photo backdrops, entryways, and to hi-light different areas around your party room and are easy to make. 

If you don't want to do a Balloon Arch, a column of balloons will work much the same way that arches do, and can be used for entryways, photo backdrop, or for a terrific splash of color when placed at intervals around a party room. You make columns in the same way as arches but they stand straight-up and can be built to any height you wish.

Balloon swags & garlands make the perfect accessory. They can be swagged and hung across the ceiling of a tent, or a room with a high ceiling like banquet halls or a gymnasium.

For any fantasy setting Balloon Clouds are dreamy floating overhead. You can fill with helium and secure with a balloon weight or drop them down from the ceiling using fishing line, by doing this you don't need helium. They work will for themes like castles, Cinderella, rainbows, butterflies and gardens. You could also enhance location themes like tropical, jungle, winter wonderland, and etc. with balloon clouds.

Balloons can also be used on your floor space, just blow them up and scatter them all over the floor, your guests will feel like they are floating on a cloud. Scatter single balloons & also clusters of balloons.

Add excitement to your party with a colorful Balloon Drop .

Fill balloons with helium. Tie curling ribbon to balloons and group them together. (Odd numbers look best: 3, 5, or 7) Place groupings of balloons around the party site.

Tie a bunch of helium-filled balloons to the guest of honor’s chair, or tie one balloon to the back of each chair around the birthday table.

Fill balloons with helium and attach to a balloon weight to create inexpensive centerpieces.

If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon and hang balloons from the ceiling or from a light fixture over the party table.

Inside your front door, hang an enlarged picture of your guest of honor displayed on an easel. Attach helium filled balloons or a mylar balloon displaying their new age!

Balloon Decorating Ideas

How to make Balloon Clusters and Crepe Rosettes
How to make a Balloon Arch
How to make Balloon Clouds
How to make a Balloon Column
How to make a Balloon Buddies
How to make Balloon Fish
How to make Balloon Flowers
How to make Balloon Swags & Strands
How to make Balloon Spiders
How to Make Balloon Palm Trees
How to make a Balloon Wreath
How to make Spooky Balloon Decorations

Balloon Safety Tips

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Patriotic Balloon Arch Set/2

Patriotic Balloon Arch

Latex and Mylar balloons come together to form this amazing red, white & blue arch. 10' high x 10' wide (depending on placement). Arch is a patriotic decoration for any event! Assembly and helium required

Hollywood Balloon Arch Each

Hollywood Balloon Arch

This Hollywood Balloon Arch makes a great entrance for your party guests. The arch includes silver and black balloons and cardboard columns with silver film strip accents. The Hollywood Balloon arch is 9' high x 4' wide when the balloons are inflated with helium. Assembly required. Lighted Hollywood Camera no longer available.

Soda Arch Each

1950's Soda Balloon Arch

This 8' wide, 10' high soda shop arch is the coolest photo setting for your sock hop! The striped straws and silver corrugated mugs tempt you to taste the frosty "soda" made of pink and white balloons. Assembly required.

Celestial Balloon Arch Each

Celestial Balloon Arch Each



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