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Party Planning - Keep Your Party Area Safe!

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Keep Your Party Area Safe!

Nothing can ruin a party faster than a trip to the emergency room with a "choking child", a child that is having a "reaction" to a food allergy or one that has been burned, received an electrical shock, cut themselves or been injured by a toy while playing a game.


Balloons are a major "choking" hazard for young children, so remove all broken balloons immediately or any balloons that become deflated. Mylar balloon are best used for parties with small children and pose less of a choking hazard. 

Foods are also a common cause of "choking" in small children. Any food given to young children should be choke proof edibles. Food that could pose a hazard for for small children should be cut, broken or mashed into bite size pieces. Avoid serving nuts, hot dogs (unless cut into very small bite size pieces) pretzels, gumballs, raw vegetables, raw fruits (unless cut into bite size pieces), and so forth. Foods like pudding, Jello, ice cream, & cake are generally safe.

Another cause of choking for all children is eating while trying to talk or run. Children can easily aspirate foods while talking or running.

Favors should be avoided for children under the age of 3 years. Toys should be large enough so that they cannot be swallowed, nor come apart or be easily shattered. Toys should not have easily removable button eyes or small parts.


The foods that most commonly cause reactions include milk, eggs, shellfish, peanuts and other nuts, cereal grains (gluten), citrus fruits (strawberries), and the preservatives 
( metabisulfite) and dyes ( yellow food dye no. 5) which have been added to foods.

Older children will be aware of any food allergies that they may have, but the younger children will not always know that they have an allergy. 

If you plan to serve any of the items that commonly cause allergies to small children, be sure to contact the parents prior to the party to check on any food allergies.

Also be aware that many chocolate coated products contain peanut oils. There are also peanuts in the ingredients of many store bought cookies. Read labels carefully before giving these to children of any age at your party, these hidden sources of peanuts could lead to a severe reaction or even death to a child that has an allergy to peanuts.


Burns and Electrical Shock can be caused by toys. Battery-operated toys are preferable to those with electric cords. Plug-in toys should not be used by children under the age of 8 years, and children should be taught how to use the toys and should be supervised when playing with them. 

Remove matches as soon as you have finished using them.

Lock or disconnect VCR's, tempting exercise equipment, and stereos. Tape down electrical cords. Tie draperies back and make sure any cords are not hanging down.


Cuts can be avoided by making sure that toys do not have any sharp or poorly finished edges that could cause a laceration. 

Glass toys should not be given to small children. 

Remove cake knifes, and other sharp objects when you've finished using them. 

Remove any decorative items that you may have sitting on tables in your party area that could be broken and cause an injury.

If your party will be outside, check your fencing for possible areas where a child might get a splinter from rough wood.

Also check your sprinkler heads, an easy place for kids to trip and fall. 

Projectile Injuries. The major site of this type of injury is to the eye. Rocks, BBguns, archery sets, and boomerangs are common causes. These toys should be restricted to use by older children with adult supervision.


The majority of sports injuries occur during play or practice, not during competition, so if you will be using any sports activities for your party activities be prepared to handle sprains, strains and bruises. It is highly advisable that you take a First Aid & CPR course.


As a parent, I'm sure that you have already placed all of the usual causes of poisoning out of the reach of your children. But it doesn't hurt to double check, especially prior to having a group of children in your home.

Poisoning involves 2 million children under 5 years of age each year.

45% of all poisonings in children are from over-the-counter and prescription medications.
50% of ingestions are from cleaning agents, perfumes and toiletries, insecticides, paints, and paint solvents.
Other sources of poisonings include some of those pretty plants you may have in your yard.


Make sure that you have all emergency numbers for your area, written out and in an easy place to locate during your party. This includes the number to the poison control center.

If your party will be held at a facility other than your home, make sure you have the numbers for the party location. Do a site inspection of the party facility, prior to the party to check for any safety hazards.

If you have never taken a first aid class or a CPR class, do it as soon as possible. Not just for your party, but all mom's & dad's should have this valuable training in preparation for the unexpected.

Have a first aid kit and make sure to have some colorful Band-Aids for those little boo boo's ( can save a lot of tears).

With children under 3 years old, make it clear that at least one parent is expected to attend the party with the child and they are responsible for supervising their own child.

Have plenty of help at your party. You can not be everywhere at all times. Preventing injuries may be as simple as having plenty of adult supervision.

Keep it safe and have a great party!

Sharon Brimmer,




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