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Western Party Ideas - Western Tabletop Ideas

Party Resource Guide
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Western Party Items Hoedown Theme Western Tableware
Western Party Items Western Decorations & Props Western Tableware

Western Table Decorating Ideas:

At some point during the planning stages of your event the subject of linens will arise. When it does stop and think of all the possibilities available to you before you go with standard issue tablecloths. Remember the tops of the tables provide you with a very large surface area and covering them with a theme tablecloth is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate. Ten tables covered with a western theme print will make a statement that no white table cover alone can make. Get Inspired!

Make your party more Eco-friendly by using your regular dinner plates, flatware and glasses, even if the party is outdoors. It's more cost efficient, creates less trash at the same time, and your table is prettier.

Fill different sized glasses (goblets, tumblers, wine) or glass bowls with dried split peas, lentils and beans, set on top of up-side-down terra cotta planters of different sizes. Beans can all be one kind/color or layer the beans for a unique look. Place a candle inside (soy & beeswax are more Eco-friendly).

Place silverware into Mason jars.

Mason jars also work well for holding votive candles, celery sticks, pickle slices, carrot sticks and etc.

Bake bread in small terra cotta pots lined with foil and place the pots around the tables (on wooden tongue depressors, write the name of the bread and stick it down into the loaf), sprinkle loaves with herbs and coarse salt.

Mini Straw Bale Each Straw Bale 12 Mega Straw Bale 24
Mini 5" Straw Bale Each Straw Bale 6"x 12" Each Mega Straw Bale 12" x 24" Each
burlap table drape

Burlap 20 Yards

This versatile Burlap is made of thick, coarse natural woven fabric. The burlap fabric comes folded and measures 38 inches wide x 20 yards. The burlap will arrive folded in a poly-bag. Use burlap to make overlays for tables, or use to drape tables. Use burlap to make curtains, favor bags, money bags, flour sacks ( for old fashioned sack races) & etc.. Get Creative!


Tables with burlap overlays

Burlap material is great for decorating tables for a Western Themed Party. We even used it to make a valance over the mirror at this event. For an elegant event use burlap with white lace. Make overlays for tables and add a runner of white lace. Burlap favor bags with lace accents.

Burlap 20 Yards

Turn medium and large terra cotta planters up-side-down and use as risers to elevate foods on the tables to different heights. For a decorative accent anywhere, just stack 5 or 6 small terra cotta pots (antiquing your pots will add an additional flair) and turn them up-side-down on the table. You can also elevate foods on the buffet table by placing containers on top of a Straw Bales.

Use galvanized pails or watering cans for flower arrangements. Tie a bow around the pail using raffia or jute instead of ribbon.

Sapling trees make great favors and can be used as centerpieces prior to giving to guests. Just cover the pot they are in with burlap fabric and tie with raffia or jute. At the end of the night the person sitting at the table with the closest birthday to your event date, gets to take the tree home and plant it.

Place small bowl in the inside of an upside down Cowboy Hats. Fill it with salsa and add chips. Do several of these with different degrees of "hot".

Serve drinks in the Mason jar mugs with handles.

Cowbells make great accent pieces for tables, tie wheat to the handles and accent with gingham ribbon or strips of bandana or denim fabric.

Use kid size boots with wild flowers inside for centerpieces. 

Shape barbwire into hearts, boots and other shapes and attached to a wood base, they made a great table accents.

For a unique gift table, use a small antique brass bed covered with a Quilt.

Ice beer down in galvanized tubs or cover a keg with a barrel.

Tablescape Ideas:


Add an authentic Western touch with great table decorating ideas. A great table setting is a fantastic way to create the ambiance your party deserves. This fabulous  Wendy's Western table setting shows you how to decorate using several of great items.

Unimprinted Victory Cow Bell Red Each

Red, black, yellow & white color scheme.  

Cover tables with red linen tablecloths and place a black & white cowhide patterned overlay on top. Use galvanized buckets with bouquets of yellow and white daisies or wildflowers for centerpieces or mini Straw Bales topped with daisies or wildflowers. Place pint size Mason jars & smaller jelly jars with red votive candles on tables. Use red chair covers with black chair ties. Tie raffia around the back of the chair and accent by tucking a bandana into the knot. Use silver flatware, black plates, red napkins with a raffia tie, and clear wine glasses with black stems to accent the tables. Use wine glasses with a bandana tucked down inside for a napkins.

Blue, White, Yellow & White Color Scheme.

Cover tables with Blue & white checked tablecloths. Place a red hurricane lantern (or Mason Jar with a candle) in the center of the table and accent with a garland of yellow, orange & blue flowers. Set the table with blue speckled enamelware for plates (rent from party rental company or purchase at camping supply store). Yellow napkins are lovely with this design. Tie blue napkins with raffia, add a sheriff's badge as an accent. Use red wood folding chairs.

Instead of traditional reception hall tables, use picnic tables, cover with western table covers or red or blue gingham table covers.

Ideas for using Bandanas in decorating.

Bandanas make great napkins.  

Tuck a bandana down into a wine glass to accent your table or fold & tie with raffia.

Tie raffia around a chair back and tuck a bandana into the knot.

Use bandanas for favor containers, tie with raffia and add a sheriff's badge for an accent.

Place bandanas down the center of a table to create a table runner.

Use long banquet (picnic style) tables, add a blue or denim tablecloth as the under cloth. Take 6 yellow or red bandanas to use as an overlay. Start at the middle of the table, placing one set(2) bandanas in the center of the table (open the bandanas, take one corner and place so the point is at the center of the table, then drape the rest of the bandana over the side of the table. Place the second bandana on the opposite side of the table slightly overlapping the points at the center of the table) . Place another set of bandanas to the right & left of the center set. Once you have done this, you will see two diamond shapes on the top of the table where the blue under cloth shows through. Place a red hurricane lantern (available in camping gear section of sports stores for about $5.00) into each diamond shape. If you desire add a garland of wildflowers around the base of each lantern.

Create a real Hoedown Table with cowboy table decorations. Give your tables some kick by using
WESTERN BOOT PHOTO HOLDER as place card for each guest or as table name card holders. Hang foil cowboy boot balloons around the room and attach to straw bales Add gingham or denim ribbon and berries. BOOT SQUARE DANCE CONFETTI will add some pizzazz to your tables.




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Western Lantern Each

Western Lantern Each

Western floral ideas

A galvanized bucket, filled with daisies and a  hurricane globe make an attractive centerpiece. Accent with Jelly jars, some with votive candles and others with small drop-in bouquets.

Use Straw Bales, wagon wheels, wash tubs, cowhide fabric and bandanas. Set figurines of cows, horses, or wrought iron figures of cowboys on the table.

Straw Bales with flowers

Create a buckboard table from two banquet tables, the seat from an old buggy and wagon wheels. Makes a cute gift table or turn it into a Chuckwagon food table by constructing a canopy at the end of the wagon (remove buggy seat) Secure 3 heavy wires or hoops, about 1 foot apart, over tables and cover the wires with burlap.

Western flower arranging

Use picnic tables, cover with a table cloth (white, blue, denim). Place a bandana in the center of a table. Tie strips of bandana fabric together to use as a runner down the center of the tables. Place flowers into straw bales.

Turn bushel baskets on there side and let chips spill out. Cover baskets with twinkle lights. Rent a cactus from a prop shop or place an inflatable cactus on the buffet table.

Rent a Chuckwagon frame to use on a buffet table.


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