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Party Planning - Teen Party Ideas

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Teen Party Ideas

Pie Supper - Invitations are circles of tan card stock cut into pie-shaped wedges. With dark brown paint, make a fluted edge on each "crust". With scissors, make slits to let "steam" escape. Write time and place on reverse side of wedge. Pin each wedge to small paper plate. Of course the menu is pie, and have a spy, so that the one eating the most wins a prize.

Pancake Parade - Great after a slumber party. Get up, you sleepyheads; this is a morning party. If you prefer, make it a late evening affair. Whatever the hour, the party's in the kitchen. For invitations, send miniature skillets, with a tag attached stating details. Or use round coasters to resemble pancakes, and write details on them. Borrow extra griddles so that the pancake flipper can keep up with the demand. Have several types of pancakes: banana, pecan, buckwheat & etc. Different types of syrup: maple, strawberry, raspberry & etc. Whipped cream for topping. Hot cocoa.

Magazine Party - Here's a party with it's own entertainment. Guests come dressed as title of a favorite magazine; a prize for best one. For invitations, just paste front cover of a magazine onto piece of white paper; with marker write details on reverse side or cut each of 8 magazine covers (of same size) into 8 squares. Onto each piece of white paper, paste a square from each magazine.) Pin magazine covers to tablecloth. For refreshments, reproducing a tempting dish shown in a magazine color photograph. For games: Unscramble Mixed-Up magazine titles. Identify Trademarks - Cut 25 trademarks from magazines, paste on cardboard, then number 1 to 25. Give a sheet of paper & pencil to each quest. Ask guests to number paper 1-25. Show trademarks, one by one; let them jot down manufacturer beside correct number. Prize goes to highest score.

You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine - This is an idea for an after-movie snack. The gang splits up, and each person goes to the movie he'd like to see most. About 11 P.M. everyone meets at your place for: Soup & Blockbusters (Sandwiches).

On-the-Go Party - This is a co-operative affair. Everyone brings a prearranged fee and meets downtown. Hostess has planned two or three events--roller skating, a ride on a bus the gang doesn't usually travel on, ping-pong or darts in somebody's basement, Pop and Pizza at Pizza Piazazz, (Choose events to suit your locality.) Nobody knows plan of events except host or hostess.

Victorian Formal Dance at Home - Have guests come dressed in Victorian Clothing. The music is the most important item in your budget. Skimp on everything but that. Let the invitations be worded formally, but not necessarily printed. Decorations can be Victorian Design wallpaper to make fans. Let younger brothers & sisters open the door and attend your cloakroom. You and Mother greet the guests. When the guests arrive welcome them with soft background music and a full punch bowl to be available throughout the evening. Have a buffet supper at midnight, perhaps. Remember that gentleman serve ladies. Little extras: good ventilation, good lighting, a dressing room for girls complete with powder puffs, and one for fellows with a mirror to straighten their ties. Plan on a Paul Jones very early in the evening plus novelty dances. Father's responsibility is to dance with the ladies that haven't been asked, or to suggest that a nearby gentleman do so.

"This is Your Life" Party - A party for a special friend of long standing, who is moving away or going to college. Make a recording, "This Is Your Life," complete with voices of friends, school-teachers, and so forth. Let the school song be the musical background.

House-to-House Party - A progressive party where a food course is consumed at each house visited.

Misfit Party - Dress: Wear combinations of clothing ordinarily not worn, as bathing suit with furs. Give prize to the most original outfit.

Platter Dance - Blast from the past! Hang up a few dozen plastic records on the walls of your party room. Serve: cola drinks, platter cookies (frost round cookies with chocolate frosting, with circle of white in the center). With cake decorator, print name of "record" on each. Play 50s music for dancing.




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