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Party Planning - Teen Party Ideas

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Novelty Dances for Teens

Paul Jones

Props: A Whistle

Partytime: Boys form a large circle. Girls form a smaller circle inside large one. Hostess blows whistle, then music begins and boys circle to right; girls circle to left, until whistle blows again. Then music stops and boy takes girl nearest him for his partner for next dance.

Dancing Chairs (like musical chairs)

Props: Music for dancing. Chairs - two less than number of players--placed about dance floor in pairs.

Partytime: Pair off players in couples. Couples dance until music stops. Then they rush toward chairs and sit. The couple left standing is eliminated (there is one rule: Couple must stay together. Only when both reach the chairs may they sit). Dance continues, with two chairs taken away and one couple eliminated, every time music starts.

Wallflower Waltz

Partytime: Get one couple to start dancing. When music stops, the partners separate. go where guests are congregated, and each takes a new partner. (Make it a rule that any person who refuses the invitation to dance must pay a forfeit.) When original couple has danced awhile with their new partners, stop music. All separate again, and find other partners, soon all will be dancing.


Partytime: Couples line up behind a lead couple. Whatever the lead couple does, rest must duplicate. Here are three suggestions:

Form a conga line, and zigzag back and forth.
Stand side by side and skate across the floor, accompanied by music.
Two couple form a circle, locking arms, then dance.

The Skeleton Dance

Props: Buy a life-size cardboard skeleton, paint with glow in the dark paint. Lights are turned off, and he (or she) tries to tap someone's shoulder with skeleton's hand. Then that person must dance with it. Everyone tries to avoid getting near it, which glows spookily in the dark.

Fortune Dance

Props: Write on small slips of paper different fortunes. ("You will be lucky in love," "You will be wealthy and wise," etc. And on some say "Lucky you win a prize.") In each balloon (enough for all), insert one slip, then blow it up and tie it.

Partytime: Release balloons during a dance. Let guests do what come naturally-break the balloons.

Balloon Balance Dance

Props: For each, a blown-up balloon and tablespoon.

Partytime: Each person places a balloon on a spoon held between his teeth. Each dances toward goal line, keeping his balloon on spoon. As soon as balloon drops, he or she is disqualified.

Lucky Spot Dance

Props: Pencil and piece of paper.

Partytime: At beginning of dance, the hostess decides on a spot on the floor which will be "lucky" and notes same on a slip of paper. When dance ends, everybody hold their position. The hostess revels the lucky spot by reading it from the slip of paper. The couple or individual standing on or nearest to the lucky spot wins prize. (For large group choose several lucky spots.)

Extra Boy or Girl Dance

Props: A blindfold.

Partytime: Have couples start dancing. Blindfold extra guest and let him grope for a partner. Whichever couple he touches, he may cut in on. The one who had been dancing is next to be blindfolded.



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