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Party Planning - Theme Party Ideas - 80's Party Ideas, 80's Party Supplies, 80s party

Party Resource Guide
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80's Party Supplies Create Rad Memories

80s Party Supplies will give any venue the gnarly look of the eighties with it's neon colors, paint splatters and arcade designs. 80s party supplies will get your guests in the mood to party to the max. Nothing says the 80s like hair bands. Incorporate rock star party supplies into your 80s party for a heavy metal, head-banging feel.


80s Party Items & Favors Disco Party Items   80s Tableware 80s Decorations
80s Party Items & Favors Disco Party Items   80s Tableware 80s Decorations


Like Totally 80's Style

Planning an era party? Like omigod, 80's are back!

Remember the sunglasses. Care Bears, wrist gloves and bright neon colors? Find it all here and relive the 80s decade. Have a TOTALLY AWESOME party!

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

Life is about laughing, so what could be more outrageous than throwing an '80s party, dressing up strange, and talking like an extra from "16 candles."
The greatest dance songs, the parties of your life occurred in the 80's. From "Gloria" to "Shake Your Grove Thing", "We Are Family" to "YMCA",  sing along and have a party with an 80's theme.

You'll have to decide in the beginning how you want your party to feel. Because your party can either have a early '80s clubs-scene, "Miami Vice" drug dealer feel, or a new-waver teen pop culture feel, either way people can dress like Don Johnson, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Boy George, Madonna, & etc. Just make sure you specify in your Invitations what you would like to see," You're, like, totally invited". The larger the party, focus more on the atmospheric and social aspects with great food, drinks, & a live band or DJ. Mix-music and dancing. If your party has fewer than 30 guests, focus more on recorded music.


Keep in mind that your invitations are the key to opening up your guests '80s trunk.  They should laugh when they see your invitation, they should immediately be thinking  about what they're going to wear, and how they can come prepared to reminisce about '80s pop culture. Be sure to date your invite with the actual month, and the year which you want to remember most, such as 1984 (you may want to specify the importance of that year).

You could also do something creative, like a Back To The Future invite. It could say something like; Hey McFly, did things turn out the way you thought they would Twenty years ago? What Happened? If you want to find out, jump into your DeLorean and meet up with us for a party on Saturday, August 8th 1985. Be sure to dress in only 80's clothes, anything else could create a paradox, which could result in a chain reaction that could unravel the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!!

80's Personalized Invitations Personalized Vertical Invitation Each

80's Personalized Invitations Each

These 80's Personalized Invitations feature a brightly colored 80's retro geometric pattern. Best of all, these 80's Personalized Invitations can be personalized with all your gnarly party information. Each party invitation measures 6 1/2 inches high x 3 1/4 inches and includes matching envelope. Get your party guests stoked for your 80's party with these wicked 80's Personalized Invitations.

80's Invitations Pkg/8

80's Invitations Pkg/8

These two-sided 80's Invitations feature a black background that includes an arcade style game with an orange, strawberry, cherries and space creatures. Our Totally 80s Invitations are sold in packages of eight measuring 4 1/2 inches wide x 8 1/4 inches high and include envelopes for mailing. The back of the invite has - date, time, place, and RSVP.Use these 80's Invitations along with additional Totally 80s Party Supplies to create a stupendous Eighties party!


The tables provide a very large surface area, cover them with black floor length satin table cloths with colorful satin overlays in shades of hot pink, orange. kiwi green, and purple. Add a mirror base with a cylinder vase filled with oversized jacks and a floating candle. A feather boa wrapped around the vase adds the finishing touch. Black satin chair covers for a dramatic effect.


Cypress Event Center 80's Theme Party

If you own any vinyl record albums you can display the jackets around the party location on tables etc. Hang records and disco ball decorations on the walls.

You could also display one or several monitors playing an '80s film just for a background flair.  Try to avoid placing it where people will camp and watch a film instead of participating in activities.


Cypress Event Center 80's Theme Party

Cypress Event Center 80's Theme Party

Set up a candy bar with clear glass vases filled with your favorite 80's candy. Wrap feather boas around the vases.

Shop for nostalgic candies at


Dance the night away to Awesome 80s Party Music

You could request in the invitations for guests whom are computer savvy, to compile CDs of their favorite '80s music to bring along, pop them in play them random, and you're set.

There are also really good streaming radio stations on the internet with no commercials (don't play FM radio for your party), and it is really easy to connect your computer's  audio-out to your  home stereo. if your stereo system or receiver has RCA aux. input all you need is a cord with mini-jack to RCA conversion. you can get that sort of thing at most stereo shops.

Disco Inferno!
Mirrored Disco Balls can hang from the ceiling and some can sit on matching mirror bases. Set the lights and watch them reflect around the room! They are sure to get the party started! Use as centerpieces or as a hanging decoration!

Anything fluorescent or glow-in-the-dark is great.. Have a Black Light Party. When there is black light in the room certain items have the ability to glow with its reflection. It adds another dimension to the scene.

Live bands and DJs

If you want your party to be better than the Jones', hire a vinyl mixing DJ, (no "i play cd's" rip off dj's ) or book an '80s band, depending on your choice of music. I would recommend having both so that you can please the masses. Plus the DJ can play while the band is setting up or breaking down. I would prefer the band in the earlier hours of my party to kick things off while you're eating and socializing, or even doing certain activities. Then I would want the D. J. to mix vinyl so you could dance into the night. P.S. karaoke always rocks!!!


If you're going for pop culture, you could serve a bunch of junk food.  Although, if you're going for the classier adult feel, just pick your menu and name your food after '80s pop culture movies or celebrities.

Snack foods from the 80's

Crunchin' Munch
Cheese Filled Hotdogs
Magic Shell Ice Cream Coating
String Cheese
Rice Cakes
Raspberry and Strawberry Fig Newton's
Microwave Popcorn
Jelly Belly Jelly beans! 
Jell-O Pudding Pops 
Hot Pockets
Sticklets Gum
Pizazz Pizza
Space Food Sticks

Make a cake that looks like a Rubik's Cube. Use 8 inch square pans and bake 3 layers. Frost the sides white and the top red or blue. Use black string licorice to divide the cubes.


Always have a selection of Nonalcoholic drinks on hand: Pop, Colas, & etc.

Find a great punch recipe and label it "Rave Punch".

Bacardi, Pink champagne, Wine Coolers, & etc.

Warning:  If you are from the class of 198X you are probably too old to do a keg stand, although if you think you have good health insurance, just remember, Teamwork.  There is no I in DRUNK.


Make It Policy. Set a non admittance policy such as; Women will not be admitted unless wearing ____ or hair is ____ . Men will not be admitted unless wearing ____ or ____. 


What is Black Light?
When there is black light in the room certain items have the ability to glow with its reflection. It adds another dimension to the scene. Glow products glow brighter in black light. In this section you will find items known to glow in black light. Some favorites might include: Neon gangster hats, funky fur hats, neon wrist streamers, boas, flashing spike necklaces or bracelets, rave light rings, glow necklaces & lightropes.


Rubiks Cube Challenge

Mix up the Rubik's cube and put it back together again. Great favor for any age too. Award a prize (magic cube) at the end of the night.

Ferris Bueler Forensics

Prepare clips from your favorite 80's film. Play the clip muted and see who can recite the line from the dialogue word for word. Some clips can be really challenging, remember the doorbell from Ferris' house? Make sure you have the line written out ahead to test your contestants against, even if you think you know it hands down.

'80s TV guessing game

You can buy CD compilations of '80s TV themes, or search for downloadable or archive playable versions on the Web, they don't even have to be original recordings, a lot of bands do covers of TV themes, and this would even make the game more challenging. Split your party into groups.  Have a group captain selected to answer on behalf of each group. Sound "buzzers" can be confusing. Use some kind of lamp or light for a "buzzer", it's a lot easier to see who's light is on first than it is to determine who makes a sound first. Play each TV theme in increments of one to three notes.  Penalize teams who answer incorrectly.  Reward teams who guess the correct name of the show, say 10 points.  Then that team also is given a chance to sing the first verse and chorus of the correct lyrics to the TV theme (if it has any) with say two minutes to prepare.  You may decide to provide scratch paper for this or none. Give them a 100 point bonus or something.

80's shows

Punky Brewster

Different Strokes

silver spoons

what's happenin

magnum pi

simon & simon



married w/ children

golden girls

wonder years

perfect strangers

family ties


the a-team


who's the boss

remington steele

murphy brown

miami vice

la law

knight ridergreat


tales from the crypt


mamas family

st. elswhere

charles in charge

the fall guy

scarecrow and mrs king

growing pains

designing women

knots landing

bosom buddies





major dad

gimmee a break



american hero

mel's diner

night court



'80s Music ace game


The music ace game should be played similar to the TV themes game.  Although, instead of just playing the music, I would play a short clip in fast forward or slow motion. Only award points for the correct title and artist.  You could reward a bonus to the team that answers correctly, if they can sing the last verse and chorus correctly with two minutes to prepare.

Valley talk-off

Separate into two teams. Guys against girls is always fun. if it's an office party, I think teams like architects vs. engineers are fun. Maybe smokers vs. nonsmokers.  I played a game once where one person from each team had to exchange rhyming phrases (that made sense) in response to what the other person had said.  Flip a coin and decide which team goes first.  Decide on a certain criteria, and tell both teams what they're objective is.  For example; you must use five slang terms per response, dude, totally, like, bitchin, radical, etc... The spokesperson who wins the coin toss starts by saying something like; "Dude, I just went to this totally like bitchin new store, it was radical."  The other teams spokesperson would have to respond likewise; "Dude was it at that totally like new radical mall with a bitchin pretzel shop? The first team to screw up has to switch spokespersons, and the other team scores points.  Make it a sweet prize, and you'll get some seriously feisty Valley girl surfer arguments. It could be really entertaining if it turned into a Valley talk "diss-off."


'80s Trivia

This is pretty self-explanatory there are  80's trivia games out there.  If you're group is too large to play the board game version, then simply hand-pick some of your favorite questions out of the box and ask those, in a jeopardy format. 


80s Music Karaoke


There may be downloadable versions of karaoke songs out there.  Of course there are Karaoke R & B Hits From the 80s and 90s and Top Tunes Karaoke CDG 80's Pack TT-80s PK .  These would be the cheapest ways to go, but it can be a lot of work finding printable lyrics. Of course you can also buy some pretty cool CD Karaoke Machines with monitor displays for fairly inexpensive prices, although the CDs are expensive. If you know that your friends are into it, hiring a karaoke DJ is well worth the money.  They want you to hire them again, and they will do their best to make sure that you and your guests are having a blast!!  Do it for fun, Or do for prizes!!!  Either way karaoke rocks!!!!

lip sync hysteria

Some people who won't karaoke will lip sync and act totally crazy, all you've got to have is a good archive list of music or a DJ. 


Water cooler dance moves

If your guests are dancers and remember all the moves they could dooo it alllll niggggghhht long! Do it for fun, and do it for prizes!!!!



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