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Holiday Parties - Valentine's Day Party Ideas, Valentine's Decoration
Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Sweetheart Arch Each

Sweetheart Arch Each

Play Cupid with a Valentine's party.
Love is in the air and your Valentine's party is the place to be to celebrate friendship and romance. Whether you’re hosting a huge Valentine’s party dance or a Valentine's party for your classroom, We have all of the Valentine’s Day party ideas you will need. We have Valentine's Day party supplies that allow you to express a whimsical, coy or romantic side at your Valentine's party. Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine Candy 9 Valentine Candy 7 Valentine Candy Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Valentine Candy Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit
Valentine Candy 9" Plates Pkg/8 Valentine Candy 7" Plates Pkg/8 Valentine Candy Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Valentine Candy Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit
Valentine Candy Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Valentine Candy Lunch Napkins Pkg/18 Valentine Candy Beverage Napkins Pkg/18 Valentine Candy Bubble Balloon Each
Valentine Candy Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Valentine Candy Lunch Napkins Pkg/18 Valentine Candy Beverage Napkins Pkg/18 Valentine Candy Bubble Balloon Each
Valentine Value Pack Swirl Decorations Pkg/12 Latex Heart Balloons 11 Die Cut Hearts Red Pkg/24 Heart Whirls Pkg/3
Valentine Value Pack Swirl Decorations Pkg/12 Latex Heart Balloons 11" Die Cut Hearts Red Pkg/24 Heart Whirls Pkg/3
Heart Cupcake Dinner Plates Pkg/8 Heart Cupcake Dessert Plates Pkg/8 Heart Cupcake Luncheon Napkins Pkg/18 Heart Cupcake Beverage Napkins Pkg/18
Heart Cupcake Dinner Plates Pkg/8 Heart Cupcake Dessert Plates Pkg/8 Heart Cupcake Luncheon Napkins Pkg/18 Heart Cupcake Beverage Napkins Pkg/18
Heart Cupcake Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Heart Cupcake Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Heart Cupcake Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Candy Heart Cupcake Wrappers W/ Picks Pkg/12
Heart Cupcake Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Heart Cupcake Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Heart Cupcake Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit Candy Heart Cupcake Wrappers W/ Picks Pkg/12

Decorating Ideas  

Hang a Valentine's Banners with your personalized message

Heart People Kissing Personalized Banner 48

Heart People Kissing Personalized Banners Each


Hanging Candy Hearts Set/3

Hanging Candy Hearts Set/3

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special flower, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

Here are some tips to help you pull it all together for an incredibly romantic look that is sure to have Cupid working overtime!

Tell guests to come dressed for affection (red) from head to toe.

Room Decor

Decorate a small indoor tree, such as a Ficus, with items that are pink or red. A garland with small hearts makes a good decoration. 

Trace " I Love You" letters onto colored art paper and cut out. Pin or staple to overhang of tablecloth.

Place an elegant valentine candle at each place setting and at the end of the evening let the guests take them home.
Balloon Clouds Never underestimate the power of decorating with Balloons, as they can transform any room into a cozy and festive space in minutes at a very low cost. 


How to make Balloon Clouds



Twinkle Lights are not just for Christmas anymore! Just by hanging a few strands around the room, you create a romantic glow that will "wow" all of your Romeos and Juliet's!

Table Decor

Set the mood for your party by decorating the table with Valentine's Paper Goods  (plates, cups, napkins, & tablecover). We all love Candy Hearts with messages. Combine with solid Red Tableware for a designer look.


In this picture the tables were covered in white linens with red organza overlays. Chairs were covered in white chair covers with red organza sashes. White napkins were folded so that cutlery could be placed inside. Gold charger plates held 3 pillar candles of varied heights, decorated with ribbon. Rose petals were scattered on the tables around the charger plates. White china and crystal water goblets were used. A heart shaped cookie favor with the word "LOVE" was placed at each guest setting and gold hearts were used for placecards. 

Valentine's Tablescape

The "Ruby Table":

Set your tables aglow with a red velvet tablecloth, deep red roses at the center, and a faux-ruby glued to each place card. Carry the theme through to your menu with  chocolate-covered strawberries dusted with edible 24-karat gold powder. Bathe everything in candlelight!

The "Heart Pomander Table":

A ball covered with carnation blooms is the centerpiece for this table. Set the table with a red tablecloth. The Heart Pomander is made with a large round 8" OASIS® Sphere, white & red carnations, & 22 gauge green florist wire, Start by cutting a piece from one side of the OASIS® Sphere to create a flat surface. This will be the bottom of the centerpiece. Place Carnations in water for at least 30 minutes before cutting, this will allow the flowers to soak up the water. Cut the carnation stems off just below the green area under the bloom at the top of the stem (cutting under water will prolong the life of the flowers). Cut floral wire into 3" pieces. Now take your florist wire and push it through the green area under the bloom. Bend the wire down to form a hairpin shape. Start with the red carnations and insert about 6 blooms into the OASIS® Sphere forming a heart shape (pressing a heart-shaped cookie cutter down into the foam is a great way to place the outline for your heart shape onto the foam). Place several heart shapes on the surface of the Sphere, then fill in all the empty areas with the white carnations. This is a lovely centerpiece and carnation are one of the least expensive flowers. Place the heart sphere onto a clear glass plate or into a floral design container. Variation: If you don't want the heart shape, then just fill the entire surface of the Sphere with a carnations either in white or red.

Add white china and several  frosted votive candle nestled in a silver heart shaped stand around the centerpiece for an elegant table setting. Red Napkins can be placed on each plate with a single white carnation tucked inside.

The "Rose Topiary"

An elegant rose topiary is perfect for guest tables. The cost will be higher at this time of the year, but if your budget will allow this is a lovely option for a table centerpiece.

The Philodendron Plant

The philodendron plant has heart-shaped leaves and so makes an appropriate centerpiece. If you wish, hang heart cutouts on it.

Favor Ideas:

Give your guests favors that are symbolic of the day...

Hershey's shows how to make Sweetheart Roses from their caramel KISSES, great for favors. Place one in the middle of each plate for a lovely touch.

Make sachets from a decorative piece of fabric. Cut fabric into two hearts. Sew the two hearts together, leaving a small opening. Stuff with potpourri and sew shut. Decorate with ribbon or glitter if desired.


Valentine's Day Party Activities
Generally speaking, most Valentine's celebrations include a sweetheart dance. Many times this is all that is required in the way of entertainment for the guests at your event, but if you are looking for some other ideas to keep your lovebirds busy that night, we have the following suggestions:

Drawing A Valentine

Props: Piece of paper and pencil for each.

Partytime: Turn lights out. Ask each one to draw a heart, put and arrow through heart, add a frill, then draw a picture of his or her valentine on it. Now turn on lights and display pictures.

Valentine Relay

Props: Two chairs at end of room, with empty bowl on each. Two chairs at other end of room, with a bowl each containing a red tissue-paper heart for each player. A soda straw for each player.

Partytime: Supply each player with a straw. Divide players into two teams; members of each line up behind their captain at one of the chairs with an empty bowl. At the word "Go," captain races to opposite end of room, picks up one heart at the end of his/her straw by sucking in his/her breath, then races back to chair at opposite end of room and deposits heart in empty bowl. Next player follows suit. (If heart drops, player must get down and suck it onto end of straw again.) First team to finish gets a candy kiss.

Heart Tunes
Divide your group into two teams and see how many songs with the word heart in them each team can sing. The team that can sing the most wins!

Steal My Heart
Give everyone a Heart shaped badge with a  Be Mine ribbon attached, at the start of the party. The object is to not cross your legs but to catch people who do! If you catch someone in the act then they must give you their badge. The person with the most badges at the end of the evening is the winner.

Sweet Fortune
Kids and grownups alike are crazy for sweets. This activity is a fun version of fortune-telling that involves a big bowl of Valentine candy! Have your guests grab a small handful of candy from the bowl and interpret their fortune according to the list below. The more of each color, the greater the influence will be in your life. The great part of this game is if you don't like your fortune, eat it up and try your luck again!

Red: Love
Pink: Friendship
White: Popularity and Power
Purple: Loneliness
Green: Wishes - For each green one, you can make a wish that will come true!
Blue: Wealth

Mended Hearts
What you need:

  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Large bowl

    Cut one heart for every two guests from construction paper. Cut each heart in half in a unique way (one with a zig-zag, one straight, and so on) and place all the "broken hearts" in a bowl. As each guest arrives, have them pick half a heart from the bowl. After everyone is there, have your guests find the person who has the matching half. The pair that finds their partner first, wins!

Valentine Scramble
See how many words the guests can make out of the words "Valentine's Day" in five minutes.

Sweet Conversations
Sit in a circle and have each player take five conversation hearts. One person starts a story with a few lines using all of the words on their hearts. The next person in the circle continues the story using their words. Each player must use all the heart words in their lines. Once you have gone around the whole circle, you can eat your words at the end!

The Newlywed Game
This is a familiar game, but in case you need a refresher course, here is how you play. Choose 4 couples to compete. Ask the men to leave the room and then ask the women about 4 or 5 questions. Write down their responses. Invite the men back into the room and ask the same questions. The object is for the men to respond with the same answers as their partner. Then the game is reversed and the women leave the room. The couple with the most matched answers wins the game.

If you prefer to be a bit more meaningful and intimate, ask several couples to tell the group how they met and fell in love. Make sure that married couples include the juicy details of the marriage proposal and the wedding day. Just hearing romantic stories can have a love-ly influence on the atmosphere of the evening.

Valentine's Dance Ideas

Every dance needs a slogan! To complete your dance, pick a sweet slogan from the list below - or dream up your own!

  • Mon Amour

  • Love Will Keep Us Together

  • Be Mine Tonight

  • The Wonder of First Love

  • Sweetheart Dance

  • This Magic Moment

  • Lost In Love

  • Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

  • Be Still My Beating Heart

  • Everyone Says I Love You

  • P. S. I Love You

  • The Color of Love

  • Fool for Love

  • Struck By Cupid's Arrow

Valentine's Dance Games

Music Partner Match

Props: A whistle, music

Partytime: Boys form a large circle. Girls form a smaller circle inside large one. Hostess blows whistle, then music begins and boys circle to the right; girls circle to the left, each time the whistle blows once the circles must change directions. When the music stops everyone must stop. The boys take the girl nearest him for his partner for the next couple event or dance.


Partytime: Each girl removes one shoe and places it in a pile in the center of room. When music starts, each boy takes a shoe from the pile, finds its owner, and dances with her.

Novelty Dances

Dancing Chairs (like musical chairs)

Props: Music for dancing. Chairs--two less than number of players--placed about dance floor in pairs.

Partytime: Pair off players in couples. Couples dance until music stops. Then they rush toward chairs and sit. The couple left standing is eliminated. (There is one rule: Couple must stay together. Only when both reach the chairs may they sit). Game continues, with two chairs taken away and one couple eliminated, every time music stops.

Wallflower Waltz or Snowball

Partytime: Get one couple to start dancing. When the music stops, the partners separate, go where guests are congregated, and each takes a new partner. (Make it a rule that any person who refuses the invitation to dance must pay a forfeit.) When original couple has danced awhile with their new partners, stop the music. All separate again, and find other partners; soon all will be dancing.


Partytime: Couples line up behind a lead couple. What ever the lead couple does, rest must duplicate. Here are some suggestions:

Form a conga line, and zigzag back and forth.
Stand side by side and skate across the floor.
Two couples form a circle, locking arms, then dance.

Fortune Balloon Drop Dance

Props: Write on a small slip of paper different fortunes. ("You will be lucky in love", "You will be wealthy and wise", etc. And on some say "Lucky You wins a prize".) In each balloon (enough for all), insert one of slips, then blow it up and tie it.

Release balloons during a dance. Let guests do what comes naturally--break the balloons. Prizes are awarded to guests that find the "Lucky You win a prize" slips.

Balloon Balance

Props: For each, a blown up balloon and a tablespoon.

Partytime: Each person places a balloon on a spoon held between his/her teeth. Each dances toward a goal line, keeping his/her balloon on spoon. As soon as balloon drops, he or she is disqualified.

Lucky Spot Dance

Props: Pencil and piece of paper.

Partytime: At beginning of dance, the hostess decides on a spot on the floor which will be "Lucky" and notes same on a slip of paper. When dance ends, everyone freezes in their position. The hostess reveals the lucky spot by reading it from the slip of paper. The couple or individual standing on or nearest to the lucky spot wins prize. (For large group choose several lucky spots.)

Extra Boy or Girl Dance

Props: A blindfold.

Partytime: Have couples start dancing. Blindfold extra guest and let him/her grope for a partner. Whichever couple he/she touches, he/she may cut in on. The one who had been dancing is next to be blindfolded.

Valentine's Day Food & Cake Ideas

The Food:

If menu planning isn't second nature to you, don't worry. Any good caterer should be able to hear your ideas for a certain theme and offer a wide variety of menu ideas to help carry the theme through from hors d'oeuvres and appetizers to the main course and dessert. Ask your caterer to create some heart-shaped delicacies for dinner, and of course, order plenty of chocolate for desserts.

If you will have children at your event, the key to a successful menu for a party like this is to be sure that everything you serve is very kid-friendly! Usually this means that food should stay on the simple side, nothing too gourmet! It is always fun, however, to add a bit of festive spirit into the food that you serve and it is the small touches that make the biggest impact.

Here are just a couple of suggestions to make your food look even love-lier!

  • Use pink and red food coloring in as much food as you can! This works especially great in a variety of desserts like cake or mousse!
  • Cut sandwiches into hearts and X's and O's
  • Go to a gourmet cooking supply store and look for edible hearts and cupids to adorn your favorite foods!
  • Make easy heart-shaped cupcakes to thrill your little love bugs. Place liners in your muffin pan and fill them half way full with cake mix. Place a marble in between the liner and the pan to create the niche in the heart. Decorate them with pink frosting and heart sprinkles.
  • Buffet touches: Bing Cherries, Jellied cranberry sauce (cut in heart shapes), maraschino cherries (with stems), Radishes (sliced, grated or halved).
Marshmallow Popcorn Hearts

Kids love popcorn and marshmallows - combined they make a great Valentine's treat!

What you need:

10 C. popped popcorn
3 T. margarine
1 10 - ounce pkg. marshmallows
Red food coloring

Place popped popcorn in a greased 13x9x2-inch baking pan and keep warm in a 300 degree F. oven while making marshmallow mixture. In a large saucepan melt margarine over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat and stir until smooth. Stir in red food coloring. Stir in popped popcorn, half at a time. Cool until easy to handle (10 to 15 minutes). Press mixture into greased individual heart-shaped pans. Cool. Remove from pans. Sprinkle with red colored sugar. Wrap each heart in plastic wrap. Makes 9 hearts.

Valentine's Cake

A thoughtful way to express your love, on Valentine's Day or any day you'd like to show your thanks.

Valentine's Cake Pattern

If you don't have a heart-shaped pan or want to purchase a new pan don't fret - it is simple to make a heart cake using a round & square pan.  Simply bake a 8" round cake and square 8 x 8 cake. After they have cooled, cut the round cake in half and place each half next to two sides of the square cake (as shown)  to create the heart shape. Decorate it with either pink or white frosting, outline the edge with red hot candies or sliced strawberries. Or  use a cookie cutter as a guide to frost smaller hearts around the edge.  

Visit our Valentine's Recipe page for some great Valentines Treats and a Heart Stencil Cake Recipe.



Cranberry Punch

1 - 46-oz. can grapefruit juice, chilled
1 - 46-oz. can pineapple juice, chilled
6 - 16-oz bottles cranberry juice, chilled
2 - 28-oz bottles ginger ale

Combine juices with ginger ale. Pour over ice in punch bowl. Makes 40 punch-cup servings.



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Love Letters Set

Love Letters Set

Conversation Hearts Square Column Each

Conversation Hearts

Love Column

Love Column

Lighted Heart Decoration Each

 Lighted Heart Decoration Each

Heart's Magic Standees Set/3

Heart's Magic Standees Set/3

Kissing Kids Standee Each

Kissing Kids Standee Each

Love Kissing Booth

Love Kissing Booth

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