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Party Planning - Theme Party Ideas - Baseball Party Ideas

Party Resource Guide
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Baseball Party Theme

You won’t have to wait for the World Series to experience the thrill this baseball party is sure create! We’ve gathered everything you’ll need to decorate and celebrate grandstand style, and to guarantee all-star action for everyone! Decorating for this party can be fairly simple, because typically this party will be held at a ballpark, schoolyard, backyard, or gym and the focus will be on playing the game. Try to greet guests with a festive welcome, and create over-the-top tables for eating, and for food and gift display! Read More Baseball Party Ideas

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Hang a Customized Baseball Banner and hit a home run with your party guests.

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Why develop a theme for a party in the first place? 

Themes tend to improve your overall event for you and your guest. A theme will help focus attention on a main topic and provides a unifying factor which will pull the whole event together. The use of a theme will keep your affair from looking disjointed or like it was planned haphazardly.

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: incorporate your theme into all areas of the event - the invitations, the publicity, registration, food, decorations, entertainment to reinforce the overall effect. Then, get as creative as you can!  We have some baseball party planning ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Colors Scheme:

When using a color scheme use one or two main colors and build around these. If you choose to use only one color for your decorating, try to add little touches of another color or a lighter or darker shade of the same color to create a more pleasing effect. Adding little splashes of white, black, gold or silver will not detract from your main color choice, and the effect will be considerably more dramatic! 

If you have decided to go with a "theme" for your party use colors that relate to that theme.

When using a "theme", choose basic colors, then add some fun props related to your theme to create a spectacular party setting! Here are a few ideas for some color choices for "theme" related parties, but by no means does it represent the only choice that would be appropriate!


The motif is the visual representation of your theme, which is created by the use of objects or symbols. If you use the theme "Baseball" you may want to incorporate the use of a bat & mitt. These symbols may be repeated on your invitations, program, plates, or decorations. Sometimes the use of several different symbols will be used as components of the theme. 

Develop your motif using a list of words related to the theme. Brainstorm a list to create your pool of ideas. This list is very important for generating ideas that can be applied to all areas of the event. For a Baseball theme you might come up with words like: Bats, Baseballs , mitts & other baseball equipment, pennants, cheer phones, popcorn boxes, peanuts, hot dogs, Cracker Jacks™, Baby Ruth™, bubblegum, beer cans, Baseball Hats , uniforms, stadium, diamond, cheerleaders, baseball posters, & life-size stand ups of baseball players.

Party Slogan:

After selecting this theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in your invitations, and to use in tying in decorations and personalized favors to your super sports theme. Try one of the following, or brainstorm with the birthday boy or girl to come up with the perfect slogan for your party:

”Corey’s Home Run Happenin’!” 
“Grand Slam Gathering!” 
“Hey now…You’ll be an All-Star at Jaysen’s Party!” 
“We’re gonna have a BALL at Taylor’s Baseball Bash!”


Treat the kids to an invitation that will transport them straight to the 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field

Attach a box of Cracker Jack to the invite with Curling Ribbon, and you could paraphrase the wording to "Take me out to the Ball Game!" to create a very clever invitation. For example, "Take me out to Cameron's Birthday Ball Game....Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, etc." 

Be sure that the invitation notes that kids should come dressed to participate in sporting activities, including the right kind of footwear. If girl's will also be attending your party, they could come dressed as cheerleaders and you could provide each girl with a Pom Poms as they arrive. The Pom Poms also add a great splash of color to your decorating!


Baseball Party Decorating Ideas

Outdoor decorations

Line a walkway with red stars, writing each guest’s name on a star. Tape the stars with masking or duct tape to the sidewalk, walkway or exterior walls leading to the site of the party. The stars can also be used on the food table and as place cards. 

Attach a bouquet of helium filled Balloons  and
BASEBALL BALLOON to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day! 

Table Decorations:

At some point during the planning stages of your event the subject of how to decorate your tables will arise. When it does stop and think of all the possibilities available to you before you go with standard issue tablecloths. Remember the tops of the tables provide you with a very large surface area and covering them with a theme paper tablecloth or specialty linen print tablecloth is the easiest way to change the feel of a room.. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate. Get Inspired! 

Start by setting your table with some baseball themed tableware, but also use some solid color tableware to create a designer look. Create a place setting at the table for each birthday guest. Setting the table with all the tableware creates a much more dazzling effect. 

If you are planning a more up-scale event then we would suggest renting a specialty baseball print overlay for your tables. 

Add one or a few of the following touches to make your tables pop: 

Fill a large popcorn container with flowers, prizes, candy or even popcorn. Cute in the entrance hall to give the immediate feel of a sports party or use as a centerpiece

Wrap BASEBALL BEADS around napkins for a cute napkin ring or tuck napkins into a pair of BASEBALL GLASSES

Cover the gift or food table with runners made from wheat grass cut into diamond shapes or use Grass Green Floral Sheeting Vinyl to create a clever surface that resembles a ball diamond. Use white athletic tape to create the bases, home plate and foul lines. 

Place a diamond shaped piece of the “infield” under each plate as a placemat on the table where the kids will eat. 

Hang pennants down the back of each chair around the table. A treasured pennant will hang in the birthday boy or girl’s bedroom for many years to come! 

Set a cheer phone at each place setting as a place card. 

Turn well-washed batting helmets or
PLASTIC BASEBALL HATS upside down, and use them as serving bowls for dry snacks such as chips, pretzels or Cracker Jacks. 

Display your birthday cake in the center of the table…if the party is for kids, they  will love the close up view! 



Baseball Room Decorations

Hang baseball uniforms and cheerleading outfits on the walls along with other items from a list of words that you brainstormed.

Megaphones (sport cones) are great for adding a splash of color to any party location! 

 If girl's will also be attending your party, they could come dressed as cheerleaders and you could provide each girl with a Pom Poms as they arrive. The Pom Poms also make a great decorating item adding a great splash of color to any party location!

Carry your theme through, even to the bathroom. Look for items to place in your bathroom like: baseball guest towels, a baseball toothbrush holder and tumbler. Cover a tissue box in a baseball print fabric.


Baseball Party Activities 

Put me in coach…I’m ready to play! You’ll score a home run with this party. Balls, bats and mitts are the most critical element for a baseball party! 

Field of Dreams! Start by accenting your baseball party with lots of baseball noisemakers. Dress your guests with baseball hats and beads and make some noise for your favorite team.

Use a BASEBALL PIŅATA. We’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t want to take a swing at one at a party. For a fun twist, use a bat as the stick to break the piņata. Use caution other things including your guests have been known to get hit by sticks used for breaking piņatas. 

If the party is being held in a gym or backyard, add a pitcher’s mound, bases and home plate. Plan time for the kids to play as they choose. They will enjoy this as much as anything you might organize. 

If your party will be held outdoors, prior to the party blow up approximately 3-4 water-filled Balloons per child. Have the kids play a traditional water balloon toss game, instructing them to try to master their pitching skills!

Divide the guests into two equal teams for a Home Run Relay. Create two starting lines with masking tape, and place two bases about 15-20 yards away. Line the teams up with the uniforms at the starting line. At the sound of the whistle, the first player on each team quickly dresses up, runs the course, and then returns the uniform to the next player. The first team to have all of its players complete the course wins. A batting helmet, oversized baseball jersey, men's sized cleats or cross-trainers, and a bat for each team will lead to some homerun fun! 

Baseball Balloon Relay. Divide the party guests into two equal groups. About 25 yards away, place mounds of inflated balloons by two orange cheer phones. These balloons should be over-inflated to make popping easier. At the sound of a whistle the first two relay contestants, one from each team, run to the cones and remove one balloon. Each must sit on a balloon until it pops. Once the balloon pops, the players run back to the starting line, and tags the next player in line. The first team to complete the course wins. Not a quiet game…but a guaranteed favorite! 

Set the stage for “Game 7 of the Birthday Series” complete with dazzling player introductions, pumped up music, and play-by-play commentary. Moms and dads can be invited back to the party early to root, root, root for the home team, and to witness this spectacle. You’ll definitely want the video camera running! 

Gimmicks. All the finest sporting venues have a gimmick for introducing the starting lineup! Start with a budget priced Solid Color Flat Paper. Prior to the party, cut the paper into 6’ sections. Using poster paint, write each child’s name, nickname and number in large print on the paper. Have an adult helper hold each end of the paper at the start of the game, and let each player crash through the paper as his/her name is announced. If the children are younger, you may want to perforate the center of the paper with a pin or small nail before the party to make the big entry easier. 

A Karaoke Machine is the perfect tool for a sports commentator to call the play-by-play! Recruit dad or another sports nut for the job. Give the announcer the kid’s names and numbers, and some pre-scripted notes with a little personal bio of each child. Give each child equal airtime, despite the fact that some may be gifted athletes, while others will have had little or no experience with the game. Depending on the ages of the guests, you may want to have a batting tee available. 

Ya’ll ready for this? Pump up the jam with some great sports arena music and sound effects. The ESPN Jock Jams and Jock Rock series of CDs are great. The background sound will relax the kids who might be a little intimidated, and fire up the whole team! Let the “G” rated trash talk begin! “Hey batter, batter!” 

Take party guests to a facility with batting cages or to a high school, college or pro game if a baseball field isn’t available.


Baseball Food Ideas  

Keep it simple. A baseball party calls for baseball park food. 

  • Hotdogs – a must. 
  • Soda and beer. 
  • Don't forget the Peanuts and Cracker Jacks™. 

For many, this would be enough. But I can't imagine serving just hotdogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks™, so add other picnic/summer foods. 

  • Baked beans
  • Potato salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Cut veggies and dip
  • Chips
  • Jell-O mold
  • Anything all-American
  • Serve apple pie for dessert or create a fun baseball cake.
Baseball Cake
Baseball Mitt Cake

Try this Baseball Mitt Cake.

Another idea: Mark out a diamond on the center of a square cake. Make up fondant squares for each of the bases, use a hair/grass tip to pipe out your grass around the bases, sprinkle some vanilla cookies that have been crushed around the field for the sandy areas, or use chocolate cookies if you want it to look like dirt. Then get plastic team figurines. Place the various players around the field and bases. For the borders around the cake, pipe out large round balls and perhaps mark them so that they look like baseballs (make them look like they have the red or black stitching as a real baseball does). Get some of the baseball cake candles and some of the hard sugar Baseball Mitt Icing Decorations from Put those around the sides of the cake. Then I would make up a sign board using fondant as well for the birthday message greeting as though it was the scoreboard. 




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