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Party Planning - Theme Party Ideas - Black Light Party
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Black Light Party

Have a "glow-in-the-dark dance party" your guests will love it. Great for Bar / Bat Mitzvah and Sweet Sixteen Parties

When there is black light in the room certain items have the ability to glow with its reflection. It adds another dimension to the scene. Glow products glow brighter in black light. In this section we have listed items known to glow in black light.

Neon Gangster Hats Assorted

Neon Fringed Maracas White Velour Gangster Hats
Neon Gangster Hats Assorted Neon Fringed Maracas White Velour Gangster Hats
12mm Glow in the Dark Beads 22 14
12mm Glow in the Dark Beads 22" Premium Multi Color Literopes 14" Multicolor Fiber Light


Illuminate your party with a stunning glow-in-the-dark extravaganza! We've got all the glow party items you need to completely transform your party room. So turn down the lights … it's time to GLOW!

Evoke your theme throughout the affair, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Then, get as creative as you can! 

Turn any room into a party place with a black light fixture. Ultra-violet lights make white objects appear brilliant white, fluorescent paints shine brilliantly, dark colors such as green & black become almost invisible, hands and objects seem to float or disappear.

Fantastic effects on clothing & objects. For added fun, let your guests dip their fingers in Woolite ™ and paint their skin for a glowing surprise under the black light.

For a super black-light dance party hire a DJ or Sound & Lighting company to provide black light, laser lights, strobes lights or purchase a MINI BLACK STROBE LIGHT. Add just enough fog to create an awesome effect. 

Use glow paint on invitations.

If you want to be creative "fluorescent hi-liter markers" (available in any stationary store) do a really neat job on white T shirts.  

Uv Glow Spray Each

Uv Glow Spray Each

This UV Glow Spray allows you to make ordinary objects glow in the dark under a black light. You'll get six ounces of this Glow in the Dark Spray. Write special messages to your friends that can only be seen with a black light great funkadelic garif.


Led Light Bulb W/ Black Light Fixture Each

Led Light Bulb W/ Black Light Fixture Each

This LED Light Bulb With Black Light Fixture uses high intensity LED lights to create a powerful UV effect. Each adjustable angle LED black light stake is made of metal and plastic and is UL outdoor approved. Simply plug it into a regular socket and you're ready to go! Our LED light bulb fits a standard size socket and is replaceable. The fixture on this LED light is green and the bulb appears white until it is illuminated. Use this LED Light Bulb With Black Light Fixture for creating a dynamic display of light for Halloween parties and events or for an impressive array of light shining upon a house, walkway or building anytime of the year.



























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Assorted 6

Assorted 6" Glowsticks Pkg/12

Multi-Color Glow Necklaces Pkg/50

Multi-Color Glow Necklaces Pkg/50

Mini Black Strobe Light

Mini Black Strobe Light


Fog Machine and Fog Fluid

Portable 6Portable 6" Blacklight Each

This Portable 6 inch Black Light is handy! This 4 watt long wave black light gives you 365 nanometers of UV light. This 6 inch blacklight can be used for checking hand stamps, to light up antique glass or to display UV sensitive paints. Bulb is included and will require 4 AA batteries (not included). Use several of these portable black lights to light up your room.





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