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Theme Party Planning Tips & Ideas - Hunting Party, Hunting Party Ideas

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Our event planners found that a Hunting Party is a difficult theme to find party supplies for online. We did purchase a few items online and we will share with you where we obtained these items. Most of our party supplies came from our own camping items and from craft & sporting goods stores. We set up a campsite at the entrance (right) complete with a camp stove with a smoking coffee pot (dry ice). We scattered fall oak leaves on the floor around the tent.

Field & Stream Party


Our color scheme was Camouflage colors: forest green, khaki, almond, and celadon green which were colors found on the invitations we used.  

We also had no luck finding invitations online for a hunting theme, so we used Postcards for both our save-the-date cards and invitations.

We purchased our postcards from VistaPrint. You can purchase white envelopes for mailing the postcards too.


The guest book table shown above had a sign on an easel that said "Camp Budda", our guest of honors favorite campground. We also hung some of our guest of honors hunting hats on the corners of the chairs in our campsite and we placed up--lights inside of the tent.

Our event was held in November, so our florist incorporated fall mums into this entrance centerpiece in shades of yellow, red, and orange. A galvanized pail served as the container for the flowers and leather leaf greenery. Cattails were placed in the center of the arrangement. The arrangement was placed on a tree stump. Miniature gold rifles purchased from a local craft store were placed down in the top of the arrangement.


We used both round tables and banquets tables for guest seating. On the tables we used plastic terra cotta pots (purchased from a home & garden center) for the containers. Manzanita branches with leaves were used to create tree centerpieces. Fall colored mums & moss surrounded the base of the trees. In addition to the tree centerpieces on the banquet tables, we also used clear glass bubble bowls filled with different colored mosses, river rocks and mushrooms (purchased from a local craft store). We made the mushrooms ourselves from modeling clay.

Because our guest of honor was also a avid fisherman, we added these centerpieces to some of the tables. The container was a galvanized pail. We added a sticker on both sides of the pail that read: "Andy's Bait Shop". Branches of curly willow had red & white fishing floats hanging from the branches with fall colored mums and leather leaf greenery at the base.

We hung fishing nets from the ceiling and added tall galvanized pails filled with curly willow to empty spaces around the party area. Red & white fishing floats dangled from the branches.

To bring the outdoors inside we stapled a jumbo mural of a forest and steam scene to the wall behind our dancefloor. We found the Forest Stream Mural at Our DJ up-lighted the entire room in green. This mural helped us to create our Field and Stream atmosphere.

The Manzanita tree centerpieces were placed on about half of the tables and the other tables had clear glass bubble bowls filled with different colored mosses, river rocks and mushrooms or pails with the curly willow and fishing floats. Table linens were in forest green, khaki, almond, and celadon green, that created a Camouflage appearance to the room.

We also placed a deer blind (not shown) behind the buffet tables. A catered BBQ dinner was enjoyed by all.

Forrest Backdrop 60

Forrest Backdrop Personalized Photo Murals Each


Misty Woods Photo Backdrops Personalized Paper Mural 57x125 Each

Misty Woods Photo Backdrops Personalized Paper Murals Each


Rocky Mountain High Personalized Banner 36

Rocky Mountain High Personalized Banners Each




 Theme Parties N More is a wedding & event planning company located in Cypress, TX. Our party & wedding planners have put this website together to provide our visitors with ideas for planning their events, this includes links to products that can help you to make your event extra special. In accordance with the FTC Guidelines we are disclosing that some of the vendors that we link you to, pay us a commission when you purchase products from them, but some of the vendors do not provide us with any compensation.

 10' Balloon Tree Each

10' Balloon Tree Each

Create your own hunting forest with balloon trees.

8' Balloon Tree Each

8' Balloon Tree Each

Moonlight Trees Standee Each

Moonlight Trees Standee Each

Moonlight Wolf Standees Set/3

Moonlight Wolf Standees Set/3

Pick-A-Color Party Pack For 20 Kit

Pick-A-Color Party Pack For 20 Kit

Preserved Moss Mat 18 X 48 Each

This Preserved Moss Mat is an excellent display mat for floral arrangements. Each Moss Mesh Mat measures 18 inches X 48 inches. Roll out the Moss Mat to create a forest floor or path for your party.

Preserved Sheet Moss Ball 8

Use these Preserved Sheet Moss Balls to decorate your forest themed party. These Moss Balls are available in 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches. Use multiple sizes of these balls. Made of sheet moss and straw. Keep out of sunlight, do not saturate with wetness.

Black Forest Candle Stand Each

Black Forest Candle Stand Each

Plastic Fish Bowl Each Each

Plastic Fish Bowl Each Each

Plastic Fish Bowl Each

Plastic Fish Bowl Each

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