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 Theme Party Ideas - Pirate Party Supplies, Pirate Decorations, Pirate Party Ideas

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Ahoy, Mates! Shiver me timbers…it’s time to sail the seven seas looking for adventure! We’ve gathered everything you’ll need to decorate and celebrate in swashbuckling style!


Remember that the tops of your tables provide a very large surface area, so begin your decorating with the tables. This is the fastest way to transform your party area, and the most economical too. Use a combination of themed tableware and coordinated solid color tableware to create a designer look. Read More


Pirates Cove Arch Each

Pirates Cove Arch, Pirates Cove Ship Silhouette, Treasure Chest, & Gossamer Palm Trees


Pirate Kit-N-Kaboodle Pirate Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Pirate Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Pirate Party Supplies Pirate Boy Party Supplies

Pirate Party Ideas & Tips

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

Give everyone a pirate name as they arrive e.g.. Long John Silver, Captain Hook, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Long Ben, Captain Bartholomew Roberts, the Black Monk, Barbarossa (Red beard). All except the first two were real pirates. Two real women pirates were Anne Bonny and Mary Read. You can think of funny names with the children according to what they are wearing.

Metallic Streamer 2

Treat guests to a seaside meal with a Treasure Bay Table Setting.

Pirate Party Decorating:

Attach a bouquet of helium filled PIRATE 12" BALLOONS to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day! 

Hang tissue paper lanterns around the party area. Line a walkway with tiki torches.

Cover a floor or party area with dark blue water gossamer and clear balloons (water bubbles), for an authentic high seas feeling. 

Sample of pirate table decorations. Set your table with pirate patterned paper goods. Place a pirate ship in the background. Use a treasure chest pinata for the centerpiece. Place balloon palm trees at each end of the table. If you are in Cypress, Texas call 281-373-1572 for Balloon Palm Trees. Create an island oasis. Use grass coverings, and sand.  Place a Pirates Cove Ship Silhouette in the background. Fill a treasure chest with bounty like: Jewel Rings, Beads, Gold Coins, silver & gold plastic trays, silver plastic flatware, candle sticks and pieces of fabrics (silk, velvet, damask) and any other items that might have been taken in bounty by your pirates. Add Do-It-Yourself balloon palm trees around the island.

Bring color to the table via napkins. Give each person two napkins slipped into one napkin ring. Use two different colors, two coordinating patterns or one patterned and one solid-colored napkin. A colorful setting can be achieved with little effort this way.

PIRATE 12" BALLOONS can economically transform any room, backyard or park into a festive space in a matter of minutes by using some of the following ideas:

  • Tie a bunch of helium filled balloons to the birthday child’s chair, or tie one to the back of each chair.
  • If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon, and hang balloons from the ceiling, or from a light fixture over the party table. 

Draw treasure maps on construction paper for place mats.

Make parchment paper scrolls with the lyrics for pirate songs and a quiz about sailing and the history of pirates.

Pirate Party Activities:

Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho! A pirate’s life for me!  Engage the kids in some swashbuckling fun with the activities that follow:

Treasure Chest - Fill a Treasure Chest Pinata  with goodies and let them pillage and plunder. Give the kids a treasure map to follow, having them wind over, under and around a good distance before finding the piņata on the spot marked with an “X”.

Pirate Scavenger Hunt - Have a treasure hunt by hiding Gold Coins  around your party area. To begin the game, announce that another group of Pirates snuck onto the ship and have stolen all of the treasure. We must all look for and rescue our treasure. Hide coins in the party area beforehand. Give the kids an allotted time to find as many coins as they can. Give a prize to the child who finds the most coins.

Face Painting - After all the guests have arrived, get the buccaneers ready to plunder and party. First, they will all need to have their faces painted. Add blood, scars, and some facial hair with face paint. Next, add Pirates Eye Patches, Black Paisley Bandana, & a self-adhesive mustache. Now they can head out for some high jinks on the open sea as they move to the pirate ship.

Cannonball Pop - The ship is sinking…so let the cannonballs fly with a water balloon fight.
Give each child a water balloon and attach the balloon around each child's ankle with curling ribbon. At the sound of go each child will try to pop the other guests balloon without having his/hers popped. The one left with the unpopped balloon wins. Caution: Have children remove their shoes to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Peg Leg Race (3 legged race) Listen to squeals of delight when the kids are running peg leg (three-legged) races! Divide your guests into two equal teams. Form two lines and stand two children side by side tying together their legs. After everyone is tied together have them race to a specified mark and back again. The team that finishes first wins.

Wave Jars - Let each of the children fill a baby food jars halfway with water and add two or three drops of blue food coloring. Then fill each child's jar to the top with the vegetable oil. Screw the lid on tightly and seal the lid with hot glue and allow it to cool. Let the children shake their wave jars back and forth to create waves.

Visit Treasure Island to search for buried treasure – Blindfold the children one at a time, then let them dig deep into a Treasure Chest filled with a pirate’s bounty of loot.

If the kids race through the activities you have planned, play:

  • Tick Tock Find the Crock (hide and seek)
  • Black Beard Says (Simon Says)
  • Pin the X on the Treasure Map

Reward the buccaneers with some Pirate favors for their timber shiverin' effort.

Pirate Grub & Cake Ideas:

Aaaaargh you ready for cake and ice cream? All the little peg leg pirates will come running when you signal that it’s time for the grub!

For a perfect pirate meal, serve fish 'n' chips! Be sure beforehand that no children have allergies to seafood. This could be fatal to a child who is allergic to fish. Offer plates of chicken legs, & sunken treasure nuggets (chicken nuggets.).

Serve Hot dogs- Spear a wooden skewer through a small piece of paper to make a schooner sail and set it in the middle of a hot dog. Add a few Goldfish crackers.

Serve bowls of hot soup to warm up the pirates, and call it Blackbeard's Stew.

Sea Wolf Sandwiches (canned tuna and mayo) or submarine sandwiches served with tater tots, and cheese or fruit sword kabobs.

Let the pirates quench their thirst with apple cider or fruit juice with coconut milk added.

Make an Island Centerpiece and place on a solid blue table cover, set a small toy ship or a ship cake a short distance from the Island. Place some pirate figures on the Island.

Pirate Cakes

Pirate cake template by Betty Crocker (PDF file)

How To Make a Pirate Birthday Cake Video
Place the pirate hat template on a 9-inch cake, and cut around it to make the hat.
The other half will form the body. You can print out the pirate hat template from ...

Pirate Ship Cake Recipe From FamilyFun Magazine -See photo

Pirate Hat Cake Recipe | FamilyFun
Ask any birthday buccaneer if he wants a piece of this swashbuckling cake, and
you'll get a resounding, 'Aye, matey!'

Pirate Hat Cake and a Treasure Map - The Family Fun Blog Site





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Treasure Bay Ship Masts Set/3

Treasure Bay Ship Masts Set/3

Treasure Bay Ship Each

Treasure Bay Ship Each

Treasure Bay Ship Standee Small Each

Treasure Bay Ship Standee Small Each

Metallic Palm Tree Centerpiece Each

Metallic Palm Tree Centerpiece Each

Nautical Metal Lamp Each

Nautical Metal Lamp Each

Treasure Chest Centerpiece Each

Treasure Chest Centerpiece Each

Personalized Pirate Ship Each

Personalized Pirate Ship Each

Ahoy! Pirate Arch Each

Ahoy! Pirate Arch Each

Pirate Wall Graphic Each

Pirate Wall Graphic Each


31" Jointed Pirate Ship Cutout Each


39" Jointed Pirate Cutout Each

Pirate Hat Each

Pirate Hat Each

Pirate Flag Cutout Each

Pirate Flag Cutout Each


Round Tissue Lantern Black Each


Round Tissue Lantern White Each


Round Tissue Lantern Red Each


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