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Theme Party Ideas - Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

Party Resource Guide
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Ice Castle 


Set the scene for a magical evening with this Ice Castle kit!

Ice Castle Kit


Bring the magic of a winter day to your party room with a absolutely stunning Winter Wonderland Theme.

Winter Party Ideas:

Since this is a Winter Wonderland party, make your place a "snow-filled" haven.    

Winter Wonderland Room Setter Each
Winter Wonderland Room Setter Each

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special flower, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

Elegant Balloon Column Each Snowflake Fantasy Arch Each
Elegant Balloon Column Each Snowflake Fantasy Arch Each
Large Standing Snowflakes Set/3
Large Standing Snowflakes Set/3

Setting the tone:

Greet guests with hot chocolate, champagne and hor derves.

Make sure to have music in the background.

Have real snow falling, hire an ice company to blow snow for you if you live in an area where you do not have snow.

If your party will be in the evening, remember that dusk comes early, so schedule your party so that guests can enjoy the location in twilight.

Winter is all about a few choice color hues. Number one on the list, White. Think true white, off white, ivory, glittering diamonds and crystals. Blur the line between outdoors & indoors by continuing the white palette indoors. Let white reign supreme.  Add touches of ice blue, lilac, and silver.

Line your walkways with snowflake luminaries.

Place white twinkle lights in the yard, on porch railings and in other strategic locations.

Punched tin lanterns are another alternative for lining walkways, banisters, porch railings & etc. Light candles about 1/2 hour before guests are to arrive. If you have a large number of candles to light use a six-inch butane torch, handy tool, saves lots of time.

Fill large silver urns or ice buckets with snow and arrange glossy greenery so that it is spilling out of the container. Flank the front porch with these arrangements.

Don't forget the ice sculptures, use them outside or inside or both. Illuminate it with a spotlight.

Winter Table Decorations  

Remember that your table tops offer a very large surface area. Covering then with beautiful specialty linens or theme linens, is one of the most economical ways to change the look and feel of your room.

Use monochromatic (white, off white, & ivory) flowers and arrange in crystal vases and bowls.

Use crystal or glass candle holders and votive holders. Place ice blue or lilac tapers in candle holders.

Accent your table with white, silver, and all that shimmers! Set your table in winter white with dazzling silver accents. Silver candles, placemats and napkins add drama to even the plainest white plates and serving bowls. A vase of white flowers and a delicate sprinkling of fake snow down the center of the table add the finishing touches.

Cover winter tables in rich fabrics like: velvet, plaid taffetas, or metallic organza.

Use silver pine cones for place card holders.

Spray paint a holly leaf silver and place in the center of a folded napkin or wrap napkins in satin ribbons or silver bell napkin rings.

A good centerpiece is a glass bowl filled with Styrofoam balls that have been dipped in glue and then each rolled in a different color glitter - try using blue, silver and a light lilac for contrast - then sprinkle some iridescent shredded cellophane around the base of the bowl.

Personalized Napkins are the perfect complement to any events. Napkins provide a sturdy yet elegant feel. With your personal party details imprinted on your napkins, you'll create a fabulous decoration to use during the party, and a wonderful keepsake to treasure after the party! Choose your color and imprint color. Choose to personalize your napkins with a design.

Winter Room Decorations


Use seasonal evergreens to deck the halls, doorways, windowsills and rooms. Place evergreen-scented candles by your entryway to set the scene as guests arrive.

Dangle glittering chandelier crystals from windows with fishing line.

Wrap twinkle lights in white tulle and drape over a window frame like soft, snowy curtains. Tie back the tulle with a snowflake ornament or white satin ribbon.

Give guests a small party favor as they leave. It can be as simple as a white gift bag or satin pouch with a holiday card, votive candle and white chocolate truffles tucked inside.

Decide What Entertainment You'll Have

There are several options that will go wonderfully with this type of theme party and your guests will be sure to have a blast with each of them...

Have a Cookie exchange, check out our page on Cookie Exchange Ideas.

Bundled up against the cold weather and do some good old fashioned Christmas Caroling. Once the carolers return to your house, warm everyone up with some hot chocolate with whipped cream and a peppermint stick.

Up for a kitschy twist on the usual holiday tunes? Two words: karaoke caroling.

Have a Movie Marathon: There are some great films out there that are not only classics to watch during the season, but have little messages about love and caring. Choose your favorites.

Food & Drinks

  • Wassail

  • Finger Sandwiches

  • Fruit-n-Cheese Trays

  • White chocolate fondue and cupcakes topped with white icing and flaked coconut

  • Stack mini popcorn balls like snowballs for a fun, seasonal party snack.

  • White Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake

  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream and a peppermint stick.

Parting Favors for the Guests

Give your guests another touch of Victorian tradition by presenting them with "crackers". I'm not talking about the Ritz or Waverly type, I'm talking about a firecracker shaped tubes filled with little goodies. In order to make these you'll need the following items:

Cardboard toilet-paper tube 1 per person
blue crepe paper
white tissue paper
3" round doilies (in white or silver)
Scotch tape,
Holiday stickers
Tiny party favors (chocolate (Hershey's kisses & etc.)
curling ribbon.

Fill each tube with the tiny favors, toys and chocolates.

Carefully roll each tube in a 8x6" piece of tissue paper (tape one edge to the tube to keep it anchored). Repeat with a same size piece of crepe paper, leaving the sides open.

Tie each side of the tube closed with the curling ribbon making sure to tie the knot close to the opening of each tube, curl the edges of the ribbon. Glue a doilie over the seam of the tube and decorate with stickers. Present to each guest as they leave for the night.





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Wintery Balloon Tree Kit

Wintery Balloon Tree Kit

Winter Background Illustration Personalized Photo Real Board 46x88 Each

Winter Background Illustration Personalized Photo Real Board  Each

Ice Castle Gate Each

Ice Castle Gate Each

7' Led Lighted Tree Each

7' Led Lighted Tree Each

Snowflake Light Sculpture Each

Snowflake Light Sculpture Each

Metallic Winter Snowflake Silver Each

Metallic Winter Snowflake Silver Each

Iridescent Snow 8 Oz Pkg

Iridescent Snow 8 Oz Pkg


Fluffy Decoration Balls White Pkg/3

Fluffy Decoration Balls White Pkg/3




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