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Dots And Drinks Bachelorette Party Personalized Banner 18

Dots And Drinks Bachelorette Party Personalized Banners


Bachelorette Party Fun! Last Night Out!

Celebrate the last night of freedom with a bachelorette party the bride will not soon forget. Plan a wild bash or a quiet brunch at home. Have a great party! 

Act Single Beverage Napkins Pkg/16   Girls Night Out Beverage Napkins Pkg/16
Act Single Beverage Napkins Pkg/16   Girls Night Out Beverage Napkins Pkg/16
Bachelorette Party Invitations Pkg/8 Girls Night Out Invites Pkg/8 Martini And Heels Centerpiece Each
Bachelorette Party Invitations Pkg/8 Girls Night Out Invites Pkg/8 Martini And Heels Centerpiece Each
Zebra Printed Banquet Plate Pkg/8 Zebra Print Table Cover Each Bachelorette Party Plastic Cups Pkg/8
Zebra Printed Banquet Plate Pkg/8 Zebra Print Table Cover Each Bachelorette Party Plastic Cups Pkg/8

Swirls Bachelorette Personalized Banner 18

Swirls Bachelorette Personalized Banners

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Who says the boys are the only ones who get to have fun? Bachelorette parties are fast becoming the girl’s night-out equivalent...Your bachelorette party style will say much about your personality and those of your have fun... 

Start Planning and Buying Early:

Being prepared takes the stress out and shows the bachelorette that you cared enough to put some thought behind her party. There is no better occasion than a bachelorette party to let loose and have some wild and crazy fun with your girlfriends!

Ultimately, remember it is the Bride's Night and her needs, wants, preferences & etc. should be respected. The Maid/Matron of Honor should ask the bride-to-be what type of party she is envisioning...wild and wooly or mild and mellow?

Typically, the Maid/Matron of Honor is responsible for organizing and hosting the Bachelorette Party. Try to have multiple hostesses so that you can share the expenses. At many parties, each guest pays a standard amount to cover accommodations and entertainment.

The hostesses should have transportation pre-arranged. Limo's and Buses are great!

If you will be taking the bride out to a club, then make sure you call ahead of time and ask if they have any special promotions for bachelorettes. Also, have lots of dollar bills on hand.

Don't forget to take disposable cameras, great for a party like this. You don't want to risk losing or damaging expensive cameras. Hand one out to each quest, so that everyone gets to record the event.

Have various games and activities planned.

Have A Back Up Plan, in case the club, resort, event venue burns up in a fire the week before your party, the air conditioning breaks down, the toilets overflow & etc.. You name it and I've seen it happen.

When to Hold Your Party:

It is usually not a great idea to have your bachelorette party the night before your wedding. There’s nothing worse than nursing a hangover on the most important day of your life. Try to schedule yours at least two days before...a week before is even better.

Where to Hold Your Party

Decide now whether you will be holding the blast at a nightclub, your home, or another location. If you choose to have it at a location away from home, it will cut down on your decorating needs, but it may not be as personal. For the most intimate surroundings, choose your own living room! Even if you plan on going out, starting the party out at someone's house gives everyone the chance to eat, drink & socialize before hitting the town. The guests can also give the bachelorette her gag gifts and any gift items you want her to wear. The bachelorette's going-out-wear is actually very important.  Not only does it show that you spent time and effort into planning her party, but it will also be the attention-getting aspect you need, which is your goal, since it is her big night. 

To make the party memorable, here are some theme ideas and suggested destinations:

A Week-End Trip - In the eastern half of the United States, Atlantic City has long been a popular choice for bachelorette parties. For the western half, Las Vegas has hosted its fair share of bachelorette parties. Other exciting places: New Orleans, Reno, San Francisco, the beach, a ski resort, carnival, amusement park, a camping trip & etc.

A Road Trip -Road trips with the guys has long been a bachelor party tradition. It’s now becoming a new tradition for the ladies. Sometimes, the journey along the way is even more fun than the destination. Go to a desert spa or resort hotel to pamper yourselves and get away from the guys for a couple of days.

Coordinated Bachelor and Bachelorette Week-End Parties - A recent trend is the coordination of the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. Couples schedule their parties for the same weekend at the same destination. This is great because it gives your Bridal Party a chance to get to know each other and everyone can have a great time.

Couple's Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties at someone's house or a special location using some kind of theme like: Luau , Western , Fiesta , Safari , Mustache Bash, Black Tie ,Black Light Party , Retro ( 20's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's), Discotheque, Sports Oriental , Las Vegas Nights, or a Colorful Schemes are popular. If the bride is using a theme for her wedding, you can use the same theme for the Bachelorette party or use a theme that represents the honeymoon destination.

Bachelorette Invitations:

Keep control of your guest list for the party. Try not to invite people you barely know or barely tolerate. It’s your night and you shouldn’t have to worry about being “politi-cally correct” if you don’t want to be.

Send out your invitations about 2 weeks before the bachelorette party. Please come to a great party to send off the bride. 

A cute general invitation for a bachelorette party would be to create your own using a collection of pictures of the bride. Try to get several pictures of her with previous boyfriends and make a collage of them on the front of the invitation. On the inside of the card write something like, "Sally is finally settling down, let's celebrate this long-awaited event with a bash!"

Decorations & Fun Stuff:

Obviously, if you will be going out, you do not need to do much in terms of decorating but you'll want some hilarious, attention-getting fun to embarrass the bride.  Create lots of noise with  Maracas , & Tambourines Dress up in Boas, Hats, Light Up Party Items, and Sunglasses to hide your identities.

Bachelorette Wearables

Whether your going out or having your party in your home or an event room, Adorn the honoree with a Light Up Tiara , and Boas. Make a T-shirt and have each of her friends write one piece of advice for the honeymoon.   Make sure that these are obnoxious and embarrassing things to make this really fun! Another idea to do with the T-shirt is to tie Lifesavers™ to the shirt and she has to collect a dollar from guys to eat the Lifesaver™ - "A suck for a buck"!

If you are holding the party in your home or an event room you will want to add some decorating items to the room. Many times the host will choose to decorate based on the colors of the upcoming wedding. This is a nice touch and can be achieved easily by using a couple of  inexpensive products.

Paper Goods, Centerpieces and other decorating ideas:

Start by setting your table with Bachelorette Paper Goods. This will create an instant focal point to set the mood for your party. If you will be using a theme, you may want to use theme paper goods.

Flux Diamond Rings makes a great napkin ring.

Make Bridal Balloon Bouquets for centerpieces ! What is more festive than balloons for decorations.

For an original touch on your party table, use a gold paint pen to draw random dots or squiggles on the handles of black Plastic Cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with curling ribbon or gossamer streamers…big impact at a little price!

Give the bride a colorful Bachelorette Garter  to wear on her last night out with the girls. Garters can also be used as napkin rings or favor for all of the Bad Girls at your party.

Add light up glassware like: Flashing Margarita Glass  / Light Up Martini Glass / Light Up Pilsner Glass to each place setting. Or light the drinks with light up ice cube or light up wedges . These items will stir fond memories of the “best bash ever” for many years to come.

Purchase napkins in a fun Bachelorette design of your choice. The napkins will serve several purposes - great decorating in disguise and a delightful memento of the party that can be saved in scrapbooks for years to come!

  • Napkins can be laid out on a buffet table, or displayed at each place setting.
  • Place napkins in the center of each place setting at an angle, or unfold them and place them in Glassware for a tall dramatic look.  Complete the look by adding a Fiber Optic Wand to each glass for a look that will knock your guests' socks off!  
  • The napkins can also be tied and bundled with Plastic Cutlery with a multitude of items to match your theme. Try Curling Ribbon, Gossamer Streamers, a Bachelorette Garter , or Beads. Tuck Napkins inside a pair of Sunglasses, also makes a great favor, hide your identities when your Out on the Town. 

Music: No party is complete without great party music. Have your music picked out and set aside before the party. Girls just want to have FUN!

Balloons: Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons! They can transform any room into a cozy and festive space in minutes at a very low cost. Use a wide variety of  Balloons in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. In our Balloon Decorating Tips, we offer advice on how to build balloon arches, strands/swags, columns, flowers, wreaths, and even a "how to" on hanging balloons without helium.
  • Balloon arches are ideal for entryways, photo backdrops, or to highlight different areas around a party room. 
  • Balloon strands and swags are the perfect accessory to hang across the ceiling of a large room. For a very dramatic look, outline the perimeter of a room with balloon strands.
  • Balloon columns work much the same way that balloon arches do, in that they are ideal when placed at entryways, for use as a photo backdrop, or as a terrific splash of color placed at intervals around a party room.

Games & Activities:

If you will be holding your party at home, here are a couple of suggestions for fun activities:

"Songs of Love" Game 
Make a list of 15-20 words that represent marriage. Pass out copies for each guest, then give them 10 minutes to identify a popular song that has the word in it. The guest with the most songs listed wins. Note: the guest must know some of the words to the song she has listed. 

Have everyone bring pictures of their first boyfriends - have guests pick whose boyfriend goes with whom. 

Hire a fortune teller to come in and predict everyone's future! 

Play poker and tell jokes (just like the guys would).

If you feel especially daring, pull out some stogies! 

If you will be going out on the town to party, here are a few fun ideas to make the bride-to-be turn three shades of red!!

Adorn the honoree with a T-shirt. On the back of the T-shirt have each of her friends write one piece of advice for the honeymoon.   Make sure that these are obnoxious and embarrassing things to make this really fun! Another idea to do with the T-shirt is to tie Lifesavers™ to the shirt and she has to collect a dollar from guys to eat the Lifesaver™ - "A suck for a buck"!

Send your Bride on a Treasure Hunt. Have her gather the following items from each bar that you visit that night: Book of Matches, Shot Glass, Dinner Receipt, Dry Rice, Gum/Breath Mints & etc.

Here are some other things that you could have the bride do throughout the evening: Get 5 guys to buy her a drink, Get a guy to serenade her, Get 10 DJ's to play her favorite song.


A fun way to give out favors during a bachelorette party is to periodically give them out during the evening to aid in the partying or make the bride feel even more embarrassed at the attention she is receiving! Use hilarious, attention-getting favors and have fun!

Food Ideas:

Again, many bachelorette parties occur out on the town so no planning for food and drinks needs to be done. If you will be celebrating at home with a card game, movie night, or another activity, here are some suggestions for munchies:

  • Create a Mexican bar for guests to make their own tacos, nachos, etc.
  • Set up a table loaded with various dips and stuff to dip! (Crackers and cheeses, chips and salsa, etc.)
  • A potato bar is always a favorite for the female guest list! 
  • Soup and salad is a lighter alternative to a big meal.
  • Pasta, pasta, and more pasta! Throw away those worries about the dress fitting and enjoy the carbs!

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