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Weddings - Wedding Theme Ideas -  Jungle Allure Wedding Ideas

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Jungle Allure Wedding Theme Ideas

 You may want to consider a jungle themed wedding if you are of African American heritage or if you just love the beauty of the African jungle or a tropical rainforest. Maybe your planning a honeymoon to Africa or the Amazon, then why not personalize your reception with a jungle theme and giving your guests a glimpse of  where you're heading for your honeymoon. One of my couple saved for more than a year to go to the Brazilian Amazon, and decided to turn their reception into a celebration of their upcoming trip.

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special flower, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, attire, invitations, programs, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!


Any reception location can be transformed into a luxuriant jungle or rainforest with a little creative thinking. Decorate with lot of vines, plants, foliage, trees & exotic flowers. To reduce your decorating costs choice a location with lots of natural foliage like: a zoo, or a botanical garden. If you use an outdoor location be sure to have an back up plan if the weather should turn bad.


Your wedding begins with the perfect invitations, set the tone for your jungle theme wedding with beautiful invitations that give your quests a glimpse of what's to come.

Send an Enchanting Invitation with an orchid design that signifies love, beauty and strength, a perfect reflection of the love you share and of a tropical rainforest.

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Ivory, white, gold, oatmeal, mauve, goldenrod, coral, violet, red, colbalt, ocean, turquoise, purple, ming red, saddle, navy, seafoam, pink, dusty rose, sand, pewter, sienna, copper, black, burgundy and dark olive.

Flowers, Plants & Trees

Your first objective is to make your venue into a lush rainforest or jungle. You will want to start by placing lots of vines, plants & trees everywhere to create a jungle illusion then tuck exotic flowers amongst them.

  • Borrow plants from friends and family
  • Hotels will often have plants & trees in areas that are not being used. Ask if you can use any plants & trees from these areas for decorating. Write it into your contract.
  • Plant nurseries often rent plants & trees.
  • Party Rental companies also rent plants & trees.

There are many different exotic flowers and plants. An orchid signifies love, beauty and strength. For a jungle theme consider using Orchids, Anthuriums, Birds of Paradise, Protea & Ginger. Asiatic Lilies are less expensive than Orchids and Oriental Lilies and come in many colors.  Mix in some exotic greens too. Use Ferns, Palms, & Cycads and other luxuriant foliage & grasses (bear grass, lily grass, onion grass & etc.)   Bamboo is another excellent choice.


For a jungle wedding choice a sheath style dress with spaghetti straps, cut-out sides, trumpet hemline, court length train extension and shawl attachment. Gold wedding dresses are exotic and extremely regal. Wedding gowns in brocade, charmuse and lame fabrics, all mixed together would be lovely for a jungle wedding. Other fabric choices might include embroidered organza, silk shantung and silk dupioni fabrics. Satin and lace always works well for bridal gown designs. Trim dresses in Gold Cord, Beads, Shells and Trinkets.

Today there are more and more African American designers who specialize in Afrocentric clothing and whose work is available to you both custom-made and retail. You'll want to take a look at the ethnic bridal gowns by designer Therez Fleetwoods, they would be lovely for a jungle wedding.

Your bridal bouquet could be hand tied with ribbon or fixed in an “oasis” (a water-soaked Styrofoam-like substance) inside a plastic holder and coordinated with the flowers worn or carried by the rest of the wedding party, as well as with the floral arrangements on the site. Calla lilies, roses, and orchids as well as bouquets of field flowers, are the most popular choices for a jungle wedding, “reds, yellows and blues -- the stronger colors -- are more apt to be chosen. If you’re after fragrance as well as appearance, freesia, daffodils, gardenias, lilacs, jasmine, roses, and lilies are among the most aromatic flowers.

Bridesmaids' dresses in vivid hot-house colors: gold, oatmeal, mauve, goldenrod, coral, violet, red, colbalt, ocean, turquoise, purple, ming red, saddle, navy, seafoam, pink, dusty rose, sand, pewter, sienna, copper, black, burgundy and dark olive.

Bridal Bouquet in hothouse blooms in brilliant colors amid dark green foliage, with trailing stems of greenery. Matching wreath for the hair. 

Butterflies or colored feathers in headpieces for Bride & Bridesmaids. 

Jr. Bridesmaids and Flower girls carrying plush stuffed animals.  

Groom & Groomsmen dressed as a wild animal hunters complete with a pith helmet. Orchid blooms for boutonnieres. 

Ties for the guys with exotic animals or birds.

Waiters & servers dressed in animal costumes with their faces painted as animal masks. Find great costumes at


Ceremony Items & Favors:  

Use Calla Lilies accessories & invitations.  Personalized clear calla lilies seals printed with your first names add a glimmer to your envelopes and allow the paper to show through.

You will find a number of items that can be Personalized with your names & wedding date plus either a Calla Lilly Bouquet or Calla Lilly Design.  Place one of these designs on Napkins, Coasters, Panel Place Cards, Matches & Favor Notepads, Sewing Kit Favors, Favor Boxes, Cake Boxes & etc.

You could also use personalized napkins, favor bags or just tulle circles with personalized ribbon.    

A guest favor that would work really well with the rainforest theme would be a Butterfly cookie cutter favor.

For your guest, candy is always a nice Favor.  Some neat ideas for this might be favor bags filled with macadamia nuts or chocolate macadamias. Another idea would be Jelly Belly's in tropical flavors.  You could use just white (coconut flavor) for a classy wedding and if they have a tropical flavor in your colors (i.e. Purple {island punch flavor} or yellow {mango, pina colada, or pineapple flavor}) then you could mix it with the white.  For a less formal wedding where you are using more tropical colors, you could just do a tropical mix with Coconut, Island Punch, Mango, Kiwi, Pina colada, Pineapple, and Margarita.  

Decorating Ideas

Exotic jungle foliage and vivid blossoms everywhere.

Ice Sculptures in the shape of animals, waterfalls or jungle foliage or ice globes with exotic flowers inside.

"Swamp Thing"

Transform your ballroom into a swampland or rain forest. Upon entering the ballroom, have guests greeted by the sounds of a zydeco band.

To create a lush jungle perimeter, use plants as well as 12- and 16-foot palm trees.

Decorate the ceiling with gossamer in all colors and cut it into strips of all different lengths.

 Use table overlays in shades of khaki, rust and forest green. Attach Dragonfly props to small, dimly lighted lanterns to serve as centerpieces. 

"A Rain Forest Fantasy" 

As guests walk into the reception, have dense fog rising from each table (chunks of dry ice in a clear plastic plate).   Attach Orchids to curly willow branches and sit them into the clear plastic plate with the dry ice ( please follow all safety precautions with handling the ice).

Cover tables in teal, peach and purple lamour with coordinating chair covers and chair ties.

To complement the tables, "suspended oversize butterflies and dragonflies from the ceiling. They will look natural in their flight positions.

Use "gobos" of  Butterflies, tropical birds and dragonflies. This light source will make your butterflies & dragonflies appear to move throughout the room.

Have your guests dine on black pepper tenderloin and grilled red snapper. 

"A Walk on the Wild Side

Feature live animal, exotic food and lively music.

To get to their seats, have guests walk across a swaying plank bridge before encountering a snow leopard and an 8-foot python.

Add parrots sitting atop carved tiki poles.

Use African-style setting, tribal print overlays over black, citron, copper or gold cloths.

For centerpieces, carved animals or decorative animal candles.

Use gobos that switch from lions to giraffes and zebras to finish the look.

Conclude with an 8-foot volcano erupting.

Warning: if you choose to use live animals be prepared for unpredictability. An alternative would be to use inflatable animals.

Don't forget to carry your theme into your bathrooms. Place a Bamboo basket filled with Orchids there or use a small woven basket with animal shaped soap inside.

Other ideas might include using:

  • Waterfalls
  • Indoor fountains
  • Bowls of exotic fruit and nuts
  • Silk flowers, leaves and feathers
  • A lattice archway with vines, flowers
  • Model animals - birds, stuffed monkeys, plastic lizards, vinyl snakes  
  • Paw prints on lengths of ribbon
  • Roll napkins, tie with ribbon, attach a silk pastel butterfly made from sheer ribbon to each. At first glance it will look like as though a butterfly, just fluttered down to perch on your reception table.
  • Waiters dressed as Wild Game Hunters
  • Origami animals place cards
  • Decoupage mats of jungle animals, plants and flowers  
  • Tropical birds (Macaws, Parrots, Toucan, Parakeet) in cages
  • Orchid Sprays, Lilies blossoms and floating tropical candles
  • Animal posters
  • Jungle' names to menu items
  • Exotic fruit punch and desserts
  • Wedding cake with sugar or gumpaste butterflies and tropical greenery trailing around cake with jungle animals dressed as bride and groom on top.
  • Jungle theme music, Taped jungle sounds
  • Doves or Butterfly Releases.

Table Decorations

There are lots of great jungle print linens that can be rented for your reception tables. Here are some ideas for table linens: 

1.) Use a chocolate brown satin under cloth with a leopard, or animal print overlay. Chocolate satin napkins with a gold rope braid tied around the middle of the napkin & a gold Turkish tassels at the end of each braid. Use black satin chair covers with Leopard or  black stretch chair bands. 

2.) Use a citron colored satin under cloth with a Leopard print overlay. Citron napkins that have a black double ( this means one side of the napkin is citron & the other side is black) so when it is folded on the table you see both the citron & black colors. Use an earth tone beaded napkin ring. Chair covers could be black with a leopard stretch chair band.  

3.) Copper satin could also be used for the under cloth, with a copper & black Jaguar Print for the overlay. Use black napkins that are edged in copper and tie a copper ribbon around the center of the napkin with a bow. Copper satin chair covers with black stretch chair bands will finish the touch. 


Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake with sugar or gumpaste butterflies and tropical greenery trailing around cake with jungle animals dressed as bride and groom on top.

Cake Diva-Afrocentric cakes 
Cakes by Cliff Simon-African cake




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