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Western Party Ideas - Rustic Chic Wedding Ideas


Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

Burlap and Lace


Burlap & Lace is beautiful! Drape tables, windows and other areas with burlap fabric accented with white lace.

The first thing most couples think of when planning their wedding receptions are how the tables will come together.

Burlap and White Lace provides a neutral color that can be used in any room.

Let a scrumptious burlap table runner steer your decorating ship! On banquet tables use white linens add a table runner made from burlap with lace edges. Add a pretty scrolled script initial at each end of the runner, so it will hang from the table with the monogram accent visible, so pretty, for both indoor and outdoor affairs!

If your budget is tight, use the monogramed runner on your head table and use Burlap Fabric by the yard to make runners for guest tables. Add lace for accent.

Use Burlap Fabric to decorate white pillar candles and add raffia for accent.

Make your own table overlays from Burlap Fabric and accent the with white lace doilies.

Keep it simple and elegant.

The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special flower, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, decorations, accessories, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!


There are many perfect rustic country locations to have your Rustic Chic Wedding & Reception, Some ideas for venues might include: Ranch, Hacienda, Country Church, Garden, Victorian Home, Park, or Farm. All would be great places for you and your guests to celebrate your marriage. Here is a list of Rustic Venues in the Houston, TX. areas.


Look for Rustic Chic theme invitations with "burlap" and "lace" .

Decorating Tips:

White Lace Personalized Banner 24

White Lace Personalized Banners

Motif is the visual representation of your theme, which is created by the use of objects or symbols.

Develop your motif using a list of words related to the theme. Brainstorm a list to create your pool of ideas. This list is very important for generating ideas that can be applied to all areas of the event. Decide on what atmosphere or mood you want to create. This is where you want to refer back to your list of words you brainstormed. Add words to the list that will portray the mood you want to convey. For a rustic chic theme you might want to use rich heavy brocade, calico, denim, burlap, lace or linen fabrics. Create a feel and a mood that is uniform throughout.

Since many rustic chic country weddings are held in quaint, rural locations, in the middle of nowhere, without landmarks, you might want to start your decorating by posting signs along the road. Old barn wood or rough-hewn pine works well for making directional signs. Make signs to look like arrows. Make signs 30 inches long and the width of four 1 x 4 inch planks. Distress wood by applying a solution of 1 part white paint to 1 part water over wood. Use a cotton rag to rub it on. Use paint brush to write "The Wedding" in black paint. Attach to 5 ft long pine post. Plant post in a 18" deep hole.

The Flowers:  

For a rustic chic wedding, structured flower arrangements would look out of place. If you want a total rustic motif, you will want to have your flowers look simple and hand done. Remember in the old west they would not have had a florist and hot house flowers.

To keep your flowers feeling vintage feathers, herbs, and plants are also great for harkening back to a vintage theme.

Types of flowers:  Wildflowers, Gerbera Daisies, Asters, Snap Dragons, Roses, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Sunflowers, Wax Flowers, Crocusmia (Mt. Bresia), Limonium Misty, Solidago, Delphinium and shafts of Wheat. 

Use soft rope or raffia to hand tie wildflower bouquets and add wild weed looking accents. Florist are doing more and more of these unusual fillers.  

Simple wildflower looking boutonnieres for the men. Or try mini cowboy hat boutonnieres with spray roses or daisies, decorated with rope, pearl strands, mini horseshoes. An Eco-chic wedding boutonniere made from shafts of wheat tied with ribbon and accented with a mini horseshoe charm. A Rope Boutonniere (these are really elegant and unique). Gather a very small bunch of flowers, herbs, thistle, wheat shafts or greenery and tie off the stems with rope. The tiny flower bundle is tucked down and through two fake wedding rings, with the rope showing below the rings.

The Ceremony:

Tie the knot under a lattice trellis woven with pieces of wheat, tumbleweed, wild flowers, daisies, sunflowers or other wild greenery. 

Rent wrought-iron floor candelabras, decorate with ivy and garden roses. Again remember don't get to structured, you want it to look like wild roses are climbing up and around the candelabras stem. Place one each side of the alter, these can also be used at the reception too. Wrought-iron candelabras will add to the festive, outdoorsy atmosphere, a fitting scene for a western wedding.

Place altar arrangements in white rattan pedestal baskets (these can be rented from party rentals companies & florist).

Use whiskey barrels to hold alter arrangements.

Tie bunches of wildflowers or weave wheat to wooden fence posts.

Hang Hurricane Lanterns from rustic wood posts around the perimeter of the ceremony of reception areas.

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The Reception:

Use an old-fashioned "Dinner Bell" or "Cow Bell" to get guests' attention for the wedding toast, first dance, cake cutting, garter tossing & departure of the bride & groom.

Other decorating tips:

Fill odd containers with flowers and set on the tables (mason jars, buckets, watering cans, galvanized pails, baskets, tin cans & etc.).

Use jelly jar votive candle holders.

Use small Straw Bales and add a bouquet of wildflowers to the top of each one. Add some hurricane lamps with some ivy trim.

A galvanized pail with a hurricane lamp in the center surrounded by a floral ring.

Save soup-sized tin cans, spray paint silver, and use as flower containers. Add coils of rope, raffia, lace, ribbon or pearls to containers for additional accent. Don't forget the get-a-way car. Drill a hole in sealed end of cans and attach 1 yard of 2" wide ribbon to each can.  Tie cans into bunches of five or six cans. Use six-inch strips of duct tape to attach each bunch to the inside lip of the trunk.

Float a candle in a quart size Mason jar, place a floral ring around the jar with ivy trailing out of the ring.

Use white gossamer or tulle,  twist white bridal lights inside and drape it around the room. Twist it around the railing of the dance floor to create a  romantic atmosphere.

Traditional Western hats get everyone in the mood to kick up their heels! Have your DJ gave these out as dance floor giveaways! You could also use square cotton bandanas for favors.

A rural route mailbox, mounted on a post and painted white with wildflower accents on top and a bow with ribbon streamers can be used to hold the cards received by guests.

Cowbells make great accent pieces for tables, tie stems of wheat to the handles and accent with ribbon or strips of bandana or denim fabric.

Burn edges of card stock for a "branded" look and use for invitations, respond cards, programs, place cards, or menu cards.

Use corrugated split rail fencing to make the atmosphere real.

Antique jugs and washboards are great to use as accent pieces. 

Use real or plastic Wagon Wheels accented with wildflowers and set them around the room or hang on the entry door.

Use real large straw bales around the outside of the dance floor for seating and stacked straw bales to form serving tables for your Barbecue buffet. 

Fill burlap bags accented with white lace with Jordan Almonds.

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Choosing a Cake:

Western wedding cake in basket weave pattern with daisies


Basketweave Wedding Cakes are often used for rustic weddings.

A traditional round wedding cake in a basket weave pattern adorned with wildflowers.

A horseshoe shape makes for a cute groom's cake.


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The Food

The old west or modern cowboy loves his Barbecue! Cook as much as you can outside. There are people that have rolling pits that can come to your site and cater barbecue. Cook simple dishes and see if you can find recipes that would have been used in the Old West.

Serve drinks from Mason jars. 

Tex Mex (have available some milder, less spicy food for guests with special diets or milder tastes), Chip and Dip, Sliced Quesadillas. Appropriate shaped (ex. cactus, chili pepper) iced sugar cookies.


Beer, Margaritas, Soda and Punch.

Use large galvanized wash tubs to hold beer and bottles of soda.

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Rustic Wedding Venues in Houston, TX

Wedding Planner Tip: Many venues are booked months in advance. The most popular day of the week for weddings is Saturday, therefore you will pay a higher rate for a wedding taking place on Saturday. If you are more flexible and can hold your wedding on Friday or Sunday, these dates are usually open and prices may be reduced. You will get even better rates for  mid-week dates. NEVER SIGN A CONTRACT until everything you have ask for is written into the contract. If it is not in the contract, Don't Expect to see it on your wedding day!

Northwest Forest Conference Center is a wonderful location. They have a number of Reception & Banquet rooms to meet your needs from the small intimate wedding to a larger formal affair. Their facilities include: The Settlement House, La Hacienda, The Log Inn, a Replica of the Alamo, The Town Hall, & The Gazebo. The grounds are beautiful for outdoor photo shoots. They even have facilities where your out of town guests can stay right there on the grounds!  They are located at 12715 Telge Road, Cypress, TX., just 30 minutes from downtown, 200 years from Houston. Do give them a call at 800.256.3548 , they will be happy to show you their facilities.

Tin Hall - Steeped in western tradition, Tin Hall is the ideal rental hall in Houston for your wedding day. Situated on 40 acres of wooded land in Cypress, TX (30 minutes from the Galleria) northwest of Houston. Can accommodate up to 1,200 guests.

House Plantation - Pass through the graceful gate and you're transported to the turn of the century. Lush green grass and beautiful flowers surround huge, arching pecan trees, gently shading over the stately yet charming 1890s home. The surreal beauty of the House Plantation is the prefect backdrop for your wedding ceremony, reception or both.  Located at 15743 House Rd. Hockley, TX 77447

Lindsay Lakes is one of Houston’s best kept secrets. Located just minutes away from the city in the beautiful Cypress area, we offer a luxurious venue for your spectacular event. The picturesque grounds are a beautiful setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, galas, private parties, corporate events and much more! Whether you are searching for the serenity of the outdoors by the lake or an elegantly lit lodge, you’ve found it at Lindsay Lakes.

Liendo Plantation - was built in 1853, originally a Spanish land grant of 67,000 acres assigned to Justo Liendo, the plantation's namesake, Liendo was one of Texas' earliest cotton plantations. It was considered the social center of Texas receiving and lavishly entertaining early Texas dignitaries and notorieties. Located off Hwy 290 near Hempstead, TX

Ashelynn Manor - North Houston's facility for weddings & receptions, located at 25276 Nichols Sawmill Rd. Magnolia, Texas. 

Agave Road is a magnificent private estate designed to transport you to another era; to a time and place when life was... well, just simpler. Located in Katy, Texas, and only minutes from the fast pace of Houston awaits a setting that you'll find reminiscent of "Old Mexico." You'll feel a sense of calm come over you as you enter this tranquil estate to discover a romantic retreat nestled in the trees of this 30 acre wildlife sanctuary.

Blisswood @ Lehman Legacy Ranch. BlissWood is more than just a bed and's also an enchanting setting for outdoor weddings. Located just 50 miles west of Houston in Cat Spring, Texas.

H & H Ranch - 4000 Greens Rd, Houston, TX, (281) 449-8381

Heather's Glen offers a private, unique location for your wedding, reception or private party. Step back in time. This grand historic three story mansion will transport your visitors back to turn of the century charm, with its verandas and porches. Located in Conroe, Texas

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Western Party Ideas & Supplies


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 Theme Parties N More is a wedding & event planning company located in Cypress, TX. Our party & wedding planners have put this website together to provide our visitors with ideas for planning their events, this includes links to products that can help you to make your event extra special. In accordance with the FTC Guidelines we are disclosing that some of the vendors that we link you to, pay us a commission when you purchase products from them, but some of the vendors do not provide us with any compensation.

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Burlap 20 Yards

Burlap 20 Yards

Mini Straw Bale Each

Mini Straw Bale Each

Straw Bale 12

Straw Bale 12" Each

Mega Straw Bale 24

Mega Straw Bale 24" Each

Lace Bottle Tag

Lace Bottle Tag

Western Lantern Each

Western Lantern Each


Decorating Ideas

Place a bandana (available in Turquoise, Navy, White, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Royal Blue, Pink & Red) in the center of a table, tie strips of bandana fabric together to use as a runner on tables. Place flowers into Straw Bales.

Coils of rope with flowers added make great wall decor.

Make shapes (hearts, boots & etc.) from barbwire and accent with green plants.

Build columns from old barn wood, wrap with barbwire, top with a bandanas and add a fern plant.


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